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Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and American Bird Conservancy set out on an expedition to tiny Nihoa Island, where the single remaining population of miller-birds persists.
The miller-birds have ranged greater distances on Laysan than ever observed on Nihoa.
Editor's note: The authors of this article were honored earlier this year by the Service as Recovery Champions for their work with the Nihoa millerbird.
Fish and Wildlife Service biologists and other scientists are concerned that the Nihoa millerbird could meet the fate of its close relative, the Laysan millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris familiaris).
Nihoa Island does not have rabbits; however, in the 1980s, a non-native grasshopper (Schistocerca nitens) arrived on the island.
By the time the exterminators, who also teach at the University of Wyoming, arrived, Nihoa was again "impressively verdant.
Eliminating the grasshopper would presumably return Nihoa to an earlier state," Lockwood and Latchininsky write, but which previous era was truly natural?
The average size of spiny lobsters generally increased northwestward from Nihoa along the Hawaiian Archipelago (Uchida et al.
Observations on surface-released, sublegal spiny lobsters, and potential spiny lobster predators near Necker and Nihoa.
The release of 24 Nihoa miller-birds on Laysan Island began a new chapter in the recovery efforts for this critically endangered species.
The whooping crane and the Nihoa miller-bird are but two examples of the many bird species that have come to the brink of extinction, only to be pulled away from the precipice through the efforts of the Service and our partners.
The area from Nihoa Island to Necker Island comprises the Mau Zone.