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NTNorthern Territory (Australian state/territory)
NTNo Thanks
NTNew Technology (Microsoft Windows operating system)
NTNorthwest Territories (Canada)
NTNo Text (message boards)
NTEnd (Physical) Termination of the DSL at the User
NTNext Time
NTNo Time
NTNational Trust (UK)
NTNew Testament (Bible)
NTNational Team
NTNew Taiwan (Dollar)
NTNot There
NTNot Taken
NTNetherlands Antilles
NTNear Threatened (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Lower Risk sub-category)
NTNetwork Technology
NTNinja Turtles (cartoon)
NTNot Tested
NTNo Text (gaming, Mod-X security challenges)
NTNice Try (Internet gaming)
NTNaval Training (US Navy)
NTNeurotrophin (protein)
NTNew Territories (Hong Kong)
NTNuchal Translucency (Perinatology)
NTNumber of Tubes
NTNuclear Test
NTNon Toxic
NTNorthern Telecom
NTNull Type
NTNet Tonnage
NTNot Traded
NTNo Tags (California Seed Certification, Davis, California)
NTNose Tackle (football)
NTNuclear Transfer (genetics)
NTNano-Technician (gaming, Anarchy Online)
NTNo Trade
NTNetwork Termination
NTNewtype (Gundam Pilot)
NTNorrköpings Tidningar (Swedish newspaper)
NTNarrower Term (lexicography)
NTNo Tomorrow
NTNikola Tesla
NTNautical Twilight
NTNurse Tech (student nurse)
NTNuevo Testamento (Spanish: New Testament)
NTNo Trump (bridge)
NTNeopian Times (Neopets newsletter)
NTNetwork Theory
NTNo Take
NTNo Trespassing
NTNo Transmission
NTNouvelle Tentative
NTNon Turbo
NTNon Thermal
NTNavigation Technology
NTNet Tons
NTNikki Tyler (adult film actor)
NTNeuro-Typical (Non-Autistic Person)
NTNormal Technical
NTNarrative Therapy (psychotherapy)
NTNome Time (GMT-1100)
NTNewfoundland Time
NTNortel Networks Limited (stock symbol)
NTNight Training
NTNon-Tender (abdominal exam)
NTNice Throw (gaming term)
NTNeurologically Typical (autism-related)
NTnano-Tesla (10^-9 Tesla; magnetic field strength measurement unit)
NTNavajo Times
NTNippon Tanshi Co. Ltd. (Japan)
NTNeamt County (Romania)
NTNaso Tracheal
NTNo Tracers
NTNeurophil Thread (pathology)
NTNetwork Terminal/Terminator
NTNeutron Transmitter
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Nine years later, Nikola Tesla was examining the problem of increasing human energy, and in his eponymous paper: "The problem of increasing human energy", he reflected on the lecture he gave at Columbia University: "I still remember with pleasure how, nine years ago, I passed the discharge of a powerful induction-coil through my body to demonstrate before a scientific society the comparative harmlessness of very rapidly vibrating electric currents, and I can still recall the astonishment of my audience.
EL FUTURO ME PERTENECE: NIKOLA TESLA permanecera hbietrtan p Ub hasta el 12 de junio.
And in this way the War almost tended towards the Nikola Tesla and won by AC currents.
Bernstein Artists Inc., the New York production company developing the project, describes the opera as "a 'more or less' true series of fantasies based on the incredible life of Nikola Tesla....
Born in the nineteenth century of Serbian background, Nikola Tesla belongs to a generation of Central European scientists and engineers who eventually emigrated to the United States in search of success.
The developer says that the inclusion of Nikola Tesla in the game allowed them to ground many of the technological advancements in reality.
The fastest-growing airport in this category is the airport in Kishinev with a passenger growth rate of 32 percent and the second fastest-growing is the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade.
The Tesla Science Center announced Elon Musk's donation on what would have been Nikola Tesla's 158th birthday.
Even as the crisis eased in some areas, a new flood wave from the swollen River Sava threatened others, notably Serbia's largest power plant, the Nikola Tesla complex, 30 km (18 miles) southwest of the capital Belgrade.
His name was Nikola Tesla. He's the genius who invented the electric motor over a century ago.
While THE OSIRIS CURSE: A TWEED & NIGHTINGALE ADVENTURE is recommended for ages 12 and up, it's reviewed here because many an adult won't want to miss this involving, fast-paced plot blending a murder mystery with the story of Tweed and Nightingale, who are drawn into a global adventure involving Nikola Tesla's murder and the fight for his super weapons.
Clemson, SC, October 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Nikola Tesla was the greatest scientist/inventor the world has never heard of.