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NILENorthern International Livestock Exposition
NILENorwich Institute for Language Education (UK)
NILENATO Improved Link Eleven (Link 22)
NILENetwork on Intercultural Learning in Europe (est. 2002)
NILENew Improvements for Ligno-Cellulosic Ethanol (France)
NILENational Institute for Law and Equity (Memphis, TN)
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It is not improbable, then, from what you have explained," said he, "that among the catacombs near the Nile there may exist other mummies of the Scarabaeus tribe, in a condition of vitality?
The approach to this portico, from the Nile, was through an avenue two miles long, composed of sphynxes, statues, and obelisks, twenty, sixty, and a hundred feet in height.
If it cannot carry itself as it ought, high and unmatchable in the presence of any man; if the secret oracles whose whisper makes the sweetness and dignity of his life do here withdraw and accompany him no longer,--it is time to undervalue what he has valued, to dispossess himself of what he has acquired, and with Caesar to take in his hand the army, the empire, and Cleopatra, and say, "All these will I relinquish, if you will show me the fountains of the Nile.
He told him of the red ibises, who stand in long rows on the banks of the Nile, and catch gold-fish in their beaks; of the Sphinx, who is as old as the world itself, and lives in the desert, and knows everything; of the merchants, who walk slowly by the side of their camels, and carry amber beads in their hands; of the King of the Mountains of the Moon, who is as black as ebony, and worships a large crystal; of the great green snake that sleeps in a palm-tree, and has twenty priests to feed it with honey-cakes; and of the pygmies who sail over a big lake on large flat leaves, and are always at war with the butterflies.
On his reaching the river Nile he saw a Lion on its bank and being fearfully afraid, climbed up a tree.
Or I was attracted by the passage of wild pigeons from this wood to that, with a slight quivering winnowing sound and carrier haste; or from under a rotten stump my hoe turned up a sluggish portentous and outlandish spotted salamander, a trace of Egypt and the Nile, yet our contemporary.
I'll have the palm of me hand investigated by the wonderful palmist of the Nile, and see if what is to be will be.
The Great Pyramid put it into his head to go up the Nile.
There were three other Young Barnacles from three other offices, insipid to all the senses, and terribly in want of seasoning, doing the marriage as they would have 'done' the Nile, Old Rome, the new singer, or Jerusalem.
Name: Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO)
Musa added that it may further complicate the problem and drive other Nile Basin countries to find paths that do not involve Egypt or Sudan.
The minister indicated in his address to the opening of the forum the commitment of the ministerial council to the iniative to continue the capacity building in the states of the Nile Basin, asserting the Sudan's decision on the progress of cooperation with basin states and continue talks with Egypt to return to the Nile Basin iniative.