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NIONNot in Our Name (anti-war group)
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Nion and his fellow drivers have seen it all when it comes to the limits of what people consider "donations." Along with good, clean and thoughtful donations that help charities like his raise needed funds to help people across the country, Nion has also picked up oddities like rusted tools, soiled diapers and mattresses covered in black mold.
The Nion Hermes Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope, one of only three in the world, is powerful enough to pinpoint the position of single atoms.
He underlined the importance of having Cuban and foreign students get acquainted with the reality of what is happening in Syria, hailing Cuban students nion's stance of solidarity with the Syrian people.
Villa Florence 225 Powell $185/$185 Hotel St., San Francisco, CA 94102 * nion Hotels
It offers qualitative research, media monitoring, and opio- nion polling, among other services.
The project will contribute to the achievement of a full economic and monetary u nion in countries of the West African Monetary Zone and will favour an environme n t appropriate to the growth driven by the private sector, says the AfDB statemen t .
North American Ogham: Celtic Wisdom for the Prairies & Central Plains OGHAM CELTIC CENTRAL PLAINS Beith Silver Birch River Birch Betula pmdula Betula nigra Luis Rowan Red Cedar Sorbus aucuparia Juniperus virginiana Nuin Ash Redbud (Nion) Fraxinus excelsior Cercis canadensis Fearn Alder Red Maple Alnus glutinosa Acer rubrum Saille Willow Willow Salix spp.
Not in Our Name (NION) got its name from the statement made by a September 11 victim's family against the bombing in Afghanistan.
A new technology to see deep inside materials and view atoms interacting in different environments at resolutions never before possible required combined work by scientists from IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., and Nion Co., Kirkland, Wash.