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NIOSNational Institute of Open Schooling (India)
NIOSNederlands Instituut Opleiding Sportartsen (Dutch: Dutch Institute of Sports Physicians Training)
NIOSNorthern Illinois Operation Snowball (alcohol and drug use prevention program)
NIOSNetWare Input/Output System
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By using the LDRA tool suite, companies gain the validation tools necessary to ensure that a software application produced on a Nios II platform is certifiable.
However the Indian Academy denies any responsibility, saying that it did not coach any of the students and was not involved with NIOS.
The Nios II family of embedded processors consists of three processor cores that implement a common instruction set architecture, each optimized for a specific price/performance point, and all supported by the same software tool chain.
Express Logic's FileX MS-DOS-compatible embedded file system is also available for the Nios II processor, and provides small, fast file system capabilities for embedded systems.
Implemented on a Cyclone III FPGA Development Kit, the underlying hardware platform is a fully timing-constrained and performance-optimized processor subsystem design with a Nios II/f core and a number of common system peripherals such as Ethernet, timer and UART.
This will enable a two-way communication with any audience having access to an internet connection, from the NIOS studio situated at its Headquarters in NOIDA.
NIOS is an "Open School" to cater to the needs of a mixed group of learners up to senior secondary level.
Andrew Petticrew, president of the NIOS, said: "I have a personal interest in children's eyes and I was wondering if there was any way community optometrists could work more closely with secondary eye care in this area and in particular orthoptists.
Then there's $50,000 for Para Los Nios, a worthy agency that helps low-income families as far away as Ontario and operates throughout Los Angeles - except for the San Fernando Valley.
See how Altera FPGAs add value to your embedded design by -- Boosting system performance -- Extending your processor's peripheral set -- Multiplying your software performance with hardware accelerators -- Protecting your software from processor obsolescence -- Check out dozens of graphics demos with the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit -- Experience the ease of building embedded systems with Altera's system integration and software design tools -- See why Nios II is the world's most popular soft processor
then came outside crying, 'Los nios, los nios, los nios''' - the children, the children, the children.
Altera's Nios II embedded processor is a configurable, 32-bit FPGA-based soft microprocessor used in a wide variety of applications and end markets, including communications, broadcast and automotive.