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NISANet Income Stabilization Account (Canadian farm aid program)
NISANational Invasive Species Act of 1996
NISANetwork Integrated Systems Architecture (HBD)
NISANational Industrial Sand Association
NISANetwork Infrastructure Services Agency (US DoD; formerly Single Agency Manager)
NISANegocios Informáticos SA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
NISANational Independent Supermarket Association (UK)
NISANational Intelligence & Security Agency (Philippines)
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They also held Harma, Eilesium, and Erythrae; and they had Eleon, Hyle, and Peteon; Ocalea and the strong fortress of Medeon; Copae, Eutresis, and Thisbe the haunt of doves; Coronea, and the pastures of Haliartus; Plataea and Glisas; the fortress of Thebes the less; holy Onchestus with its famous grove of Neptune; Arne rich in vineyards; Midea, sacred Nisa, and Anthedon upon the sea.
EMRC, the developer of NISA suite of products and a pioneer in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), was previously acquired by Cranes in May 2005 for US$ 1.
A more user-friendly with a considerably enhanced GUI for pre-processing in ENDURE-the fatigue & fracture mechanics module of NISA
As part of the membership, Nisa is also helping The People's Supermarket to work with suppliers to source the best possible deals on new refrigeration units and store development equipment.
operations, the company that originally owned the product NISA.
My experience of Nisa in the past has always been very positive and I am confident joining the group will bring us many benefits," said Poundstretcher fmcg buying controller Chris Beckingham.
EMRC's flagship product range, NISA finds usage in an extensive range of industries including automotive, auto components, aerospace, industrial products, consumer products, civil construction and power generation.
The announcement came as Nisa revealed that more than 90% of Today's Group members had voted for Today's (Nisa's wholesale arm) to split off as a separate company.
com is thrilled to join together with NISA to broadcast this British National Championships," said Michelle Wu, chief operating officer of MediaZone.
There are presently 480 Nisa retail members operating over 6,000 stores and 331 Today's Group wholesale companies with 375 depots.
The consultation, it said in the official statement of its plans, was because the marketplace in which both Nisa and Today's operates, had "changed radically" since Today's was formed in 1987, and the companies "may be best served and achieved by becoming separate, standalone organisations with focused management and member directors.