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NISANet Income Stabilization Account (Canadian farm aid program)
NISANational Invasive Species Act of 1996
NISANetwork Integrated Systems Architecture (HBD)
NISANational Industrial Sand Association
NISANetwork Infrastructure Services Agency (US DoD; formerly Single Agency Manager)
NISANegocios Informáticos SA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
NISANational Independent Supermarket Association (UK)
NISANational Intelligence & Security Agency (Philippines)
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They also held Harma, Eilesium, and Erythrae; and they had Eleon, Hyle, and Peteon; Ocalea and the strong fortress of Medeon; Copae, Eutresis, and Thisbe the haunt of doves; Coronea, and the pastures of Haliartus; Plataea and Glisas; the fortress of Thebes the less; holy Onchestus with its famous grove of Neptune; Arne rich in vineyards; Midea, sacred Nisa, and Anthedon upon the sea.
The collaboration will be in the interest of Turkish ship owners association and NISA also, said the Captain, said the President of NISA Captain Niyi Labinjo.
You will be able to transfer from a Stocks and Shares NISA to a Cash NISA - previously you could only transfer from a Stocks and Shares ISA to a Cash ISA.
The group, which has over 1,080 registered shareholders, operating over 4,000 stores, of which 900 are trading under the Nisa fascia, has chosen Sanderson Weatherall to provide comprehensive property advice and services to its members.
During the 13-week trial, which ran from October to February, retailers had to commit to purchasing all their fresh produce from Nisa.
In a narrative verdict Mr Balmain said: "Mrs Nisa died whilst in the cellar at her home when her clothing caught fire.
Nisa described the latest approach by Bibby as a "significant improvement" on July's offer, but said it was not in the best interests of members, who own up to 100 shares each, as the deal would have meant the loss of Nisa's mutual business model.
Their entry put forward to the Nisa Today's Football Supporter of the Year Competition
BANGALORE, India -- Cranes Software announced the release of the latest version of its leading Finite Element Analysis software, NISA Version 17, today.
We're developing 10 stores over the next few months in London, Manchester, Preston and Leeds," said Nisa retail development director Raj Krishan.
Nisa said the latest approach was a "significant improvement" on July's offer, but insisted it was not in the best interests of members.
Ramdass Keshavamurthy, Vice President - Product development, commented, "This is a significant upgrade release of NISA Version 15.