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Higher nitrogen harvest index of maize varieties was obtained with half recommended nitrogen fertilizer as compared to maize varieties planted with full recommended nitrogen fertilizer application.
The nitrogen harvest index in HPD was 27.8% and 46.2% higher in ZS11 and it was 28.5% and 40.2% higher in ZYZ 12 during the two growing seasons, respectively (Figure 7(b)).
The dry matter weight, radiation use efficiency, nitrogen utilization efficiency, and nitrogen harvest index were significantly correlated with seed yield ([R.sup.2] = 0.83, [R.sup.2] = 0.66, [R.sup.2] = 0.79, and [R.sup.2] = 0.86, resp.) (Figure 8).
Table 5: Analysis of variance for grain protein contents, nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), nitrogen harvest index (NHI) and nitrogen utilization efficiency (NUtE) of two wheat cultivars
Nitrogen harvest index (NHI; the proportion of seed N to shoot N) is also considered to measure how efficiently the plants/specific cultivar utilize acquired N for grain protein production (Noulas, 2002).
Table 5: Results of ANOVA (significance) and comparison of mean effects of year, nitrogen fertilizer and bacterium inoculation on yield and nitrogen harvest index (NHI) S.O.V df LAI NHI priming cutter tip Replicate 2 * * Year (Y) 1 ** ** ** Nitrogen (N) 3 Bacterium (B) 2 * YxN 3 YxB 2 BxN 6 ** YxBxN 6 Error 46 0.04 11.5 44.8 54.8 CV 11.6 8.2 18.2 20.2 ([cm.sup.2].
Abbreviations: G, genotype; HI, harvest index; KN, kernel number per square meter; L, location; N, nitrogen; NHI, nitrogen harvest index; NUE, nitrogen use efficiency; R, replication; TKW, 1000-kernel weight; T, treatment; and Y, year.
[Eq-10]: Nitrogen Harvest Index = Nitrogen uptake by the tuber / Nitrogen uptake by the plants
Abbreviations: N, nitrogen; NHI, Nitrogen harvest index; LAI, leaf area index; LAD, leaf area duration; SFP, seed-filling period.
Abbreviations: [A.sub.N], accumulated nitrogen; BCE, before common era; H, harvest index; [H.sub.N], nitrogen harvest index; M, crop mass; [N.sub.gr], nitrogen concentration of grain; [N.sub.vg], nitrogen concentration of vegetative tissue.
Nitrogen harvest index in oats: its repeatability and association with adaptation.
Nitrogen harvest index (NHI) measures the proportion of total N yield in the plant recovered in the grain.