NKUNorthern Kentucky University (Highland Heights, KY, USA)
NKUNajvyššieho Kontrolného Úradu
NKUNutzen-Kosten Untersuchung (German: Cost-Benefit Analysis; economics)
NKUNicole Kidman United (fan website)
NKUNordisk Kennel Union (Norwegian: Nordic Kennel Union; Norway)
NKUNorrbottens Kooperativa Utvecklingscentrum (Swedish: Norbort Cooperative Development)
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The NKU Honors Program, which has grown to more than 500 students, enables these students to take special seminars and to conduct research projects with our senior faculty The program focuses on developing the analytical skills that are vital for success in our dynamic and competitive economy Because of the demographic profile of the students both in the honors program and at our university, our honors students are exposed to diverse perspectives and experiences.
There is a section early on that explores terms like "community engagement," "civic engagement," and "service learning," but this reader continues to have the impression that, even at NKU, a faculty member can interpret almost anything that has to do with the community as public engagement and worthy of attention.
Bales, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy, NKU Salmon P.
With the $1,500 TEI Scholarship in hand, Mike was able to obtain another $2,000 in funding from the International Office at NKU.
Opa ti a fi na iyaale ni a o fina iyawo" (The whip which was used to beat the most senior wife is still being kept for her juniors) "Pa mi nku nse ori kunkun si oko" (It is only a woman who risks being beaten to death that disobeys her husband).
Team spokesman Nku Malusalila said yesterday: "They said they didn't believe we would return home after the festival.
Bakgalabje bao ba babedi le bona ba be ba no sita kgang, ba re monna ke nku o Ilela teng.
Egbe bere, Ugo bere; nke si ibe ya ebela, nku kwa ya": May the Hawk perch, and may the Eagle perch; if one tells the other not to perch, may he lose his wing
The Entrepreneurship Institute at NKU was selected based on its reputation for effective public engagement.
This article summarizes the perceived benefits and concerns raised by NKU students, the faculty and the employers.