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NLOSNon-Line of Sight
NLOSNear Line of Sight
NLOSNon Line of Sight
NLOSNo Line of Sight (satellite TV)
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Section 2 introduces the theory of distance geometry; Section 3 presents distance geometry-based location algorithms in NLOS environments for cellular network systems; and Section 4 provides simulation results.
Experiment was performed from 25 to 350 m for LOS and from 25 to 250 m NLOS cases.
In order to predict the NLOS signal propagation, the following models [1-4, 6] are usually applied: Open Space, Traditional, Multi-Partitioning, Log-Distance Path Loss Model, Log-Normal Shadowing, Two-Ray Model, Free Space Losses, and other.
The acquisition strategy of the NLOS project office was very similar to that of many other systems in development during the late 1980s.
The Expedience NLOS system has been commercially deployed in the U.
2) Present a simple and effective NLOS mitigation method for RSS-based wireless localization in mixed LOS/NLOS environments.
The same company that designed and developed the Crusader, United Defense LP, now is working on the NLOS cannon.
Evaluation by means of a multi-slit street waveguide model is introduced to describe wave propagation characteristics along straight, rectangular streets in cases where both antennas, receiver and transmitter, are directly visible at lower than rooftop levels or with NLOS conditions.