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NONot Out
NONew Order (band)
NONot Open
NONumber Of
NONational Office
NONice One
NONot Official
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NONew Orleans
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NONetwork Operator
NONavy Officer
NONight Operation
NONo Offense
NONovara (Piemonte, Italy)
NONitric Oxide
NONormal Output (fluorescent lighting)
NONord-Ouest (French: north west)
NONihil Obstat (Latin: no objections)
NONord-Ovest (Italian: Northwest)
NONuovo Ordinamento (Italian: new Curriculum Requirements)
NONetwork Origin
NONo Oscillation (Skimaire)
NONominal Model
NOOccupation Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NONatural Orbital
NONecrotic Obsession (online community)
NONever Oscillate
NONouveau Orleans (French: New Orleans)
NONordost/Nordosten (German; North East)
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Stress oscillation is a rare phenomenon and can be triggered only for several semi-crystalline polymers at a certain testing temperature, because it appears to be controlled by strain-induced oriented crystallization and related local heat release [4, 5], Amorphous PET exhibits stress oscillation in air at room temperature, but it presents no oscillation under water.
It was found that no oscillation was formed in the chamber when Fr [less than or equal to] 10, which can be seen from Figure 13 and St remains constant at 0.
When the fan was allowed to blow on the specimen directly, no oscillation was observed in the necking region because the maximum temperature was lower than the critical temperature for force oscillation.
Thus the force remains constant, and no oscillation is observed.
Between time 4 s<t<12 graph drops to almost no oscillations and has curved line.
Load Component F(x) is increasing until t = 12 s, but has smaller intensity, with no oscillations, and has small effect on Boom.
So when scientists recently announced that the most sensitive observations ever made of Procyon show no oscillations at all, it created controversy.