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NWAATNo Waiting at Any Time (parking regulation; UK)
NWAATNorthwest Asian American Theatre
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The effect ef of the Consolidation Order Variation is to:-(1) prohibit waiting at any time on the following lengths of road - (a) Jesmond Park West - (i) west side, from Glendyn Close northwards for 127 metres; (ii) east side, from 15 metres south of Melbury Road to 26 metres north of Melbury Road; (iii) east side, from 96 metres north of Melbury Road northwards for 118 metres (b) Melbury Road - both sides, from Jesmond Park West eastwards for 15 metres (2) amend the length of existing no waiting at any time restriction on the west side of Jesmond Park West so that it extends from 260 metres north of Glendyn Close to its junction with Parkhead Road (restriction currently extends from 160 metres south of Southlands southwards for 34 metres).