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NLVNo-Load Voltage
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Directed arcs are associated with actions in the state graph, and determines the direction of no-load voltage between two buses as well as the order of closing the circuit breakers associated with the lines ensuring this action.
Then, by using algorithm A * [8],[9],[10] we can find the optimal path allowing to reach the MHP bus starting from the bus of OUJ, by ordering the buses included in the optimal path of no-load voltage, as well as the lines able to ensure these actions.
Thereafter, a path of no-load voltage is proposed which corresponds to the optimal path.
Consequently, the target network to reach during this phase corresponds to the one of the configurations of whereby the lists no-load voltage are made up.
For each list, we calculate the no-load voltage from the power source bus to the goal.
The voltage across the load acceptance unit varied in the range of 0/149 V and the no-load voltage is 460 V.