NOSCANational Office for School Counselor Advocacy (various locations)
NOSCANorwegian Oil Spill Control Association (Norway)
NOSCANorth of Scotland Cricket Association
NOSCANorthampton Offshore Cruising Association
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School counselors, without fail, juggle an impossible caseload, and this gives them great insight into school culture and offers them a chance to make a major positive impact," said Patricia Martin, assistant vice president of NOSCA.
Working with school counselor leaders, practitioners and counselor educators, NOSCA identified and defined a focused agenda to ensure a clear, effective path toward college and career readiness goals.
A recent study by NOSCA indicated that schools with higher numbers of students of color and higher numbers of students on free and reduced lunch also had higher student-to-school-counselor ratios (NOSCA, 2012).
The present findings parallel previous research, which found that private school counselors had significantly smaller caseloads than public school counselors (Clinedinst, 2015; NOSCA, 2012).
The NOSCA goal is to "promote the value of school counselors as leaders in school reform, student achievement and college readiness" (NOSCA, 2010, [paragraph] 1).