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NoSQLNot Only Structured Query Language (computer programming)
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CrateDB is a unique combination of SQL and NoSQL technology, which enables dynamic data schemas and a wide range of analytics and search, on time series, full text, JSON, geospatial and other structured and unstructured data without having to use different database engines to do so.
Similar to the reasons respondents offered for moving to the cloud, scalability is the primary driver to implement NoSQL.
GridDB SE offers a hybrid combination of in-memory and disk architecture that delivers average throughput up to five times higher and latency up to four times lower than that of competing NoSQL databases.
The NoSQL term isn't an abbreviation for "no SQL", in fact it's an acronym for "not only SQL".
DgSecure for NoSQL is the first solution of its kind to discover all sensitive data residing in or being written to NoSQL to support enterprises seeking protection of data in these environments against a breach.
Since NoSQL database technologies entered the market in 1998, these technologies have challenged the widely-accepted relational structures and database management practices supported by traditional SQL databases.
dramatically faster analysis for data distributed across Hadoop, NoSQL, and
The authors describe the Oracle NoSQL Database, its architecture, design guidelines, installation and configuration, and use, as well as how it is integrated into Oracle's Big Data platform, application development using APIs and Avro, and sizing and integration of the Oracle NoSQL Database with external systems.
Figure 1: Relational vs NoSQL database differences Relational NoSQL Row/Column structure HyperTabie Foreign Key Hypertable Key Rigid Schema No Schema Scale Up Scale Out SQL HiveSQL Figure 2: Big data architecture Runtime Scripting Language Parallel Computing Framework Database Filesystem
Although OLAP cubes are familiar to people who work in data warehousing, they're not always understood by people who "just want to be able to leverage NoSQL technology," says Moreton.
com) has introduced Version 6 of its NoSQL database, which has been engineered to facilitate scalable big data solutions.