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NOAMNorth America
NOAMNational Organization of American Mohalim (Jewish organization)
NOAMNorton Anthology of Modern Poetry (W.W. Norton and Company)
NOAMNo Application-Level Mechanism
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Consolidated said that the consideration payable by the company to the vendors is a mixture of cash and equity, and performance rights to Noam Levavi and Eran Galil who will continue to manage and steer the development of Byondata.
Critique: Noam Chomsky (Institute Professor Emeritus in the MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosophy) is one of the world's foremost social critics, and one of its most prolific.
ORDERED that the order is reversed, on the law, with costs, the plaintiff's motion for summary judgment declaring that it is not obligated to defend or indemnify the defendants Darkei Noam Rabbinical College, Darkei Noam, Inc.
The proprietEuy Noam Urim antibacterial cloth was developed to inhibit microbial growth on the cleaning cloth itself and to give a longer shelf life while the biodegradable cleaning cloth presents an environmentally friendly, highly absorbent product.
This work collects dialogues conducted over a period of about a decade between educational scholar Orelus, who produced the book, and the more famous linguist and political dissident, Noam Chomsky.
Continue reading "Director Michel Gondry Animates His Interviews with Noam Chomsky in 'Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
The gunman, aided most probably by accomplices, was able to breach the fence without raising the alarm, reach the back yard of the nearest home where he found Noam, shoot her at very close range and escape.
DLA Piper has appointed David Chijner and Noam Ankri as partners in the Restructuring team in Paris.
Caption: Bike4 Friendship cyclist Noam Katz (far left) and 14 coast-to-coast riders visited Investors Bank's headquarters in New Jersey before completing the final leg of their 3, 100-bicycle trip that began in San Diego on June 17.
Washington -- The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has admitted to having amassed data on MIT linguistics professor and government critic Noam Chomsky during the 1970s, Foreign Policy magazine's The Cable blog said.
Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe offers up a set of conversations between Noam Chomsky and writer Laray Polk about the social, political and environmental issues affecting our country, and represents discussions that took place between 2010 and 2012, published here for the first time.