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NLNational League (baseball)
NLNot Listed
NLNo Limit
NLNatural Language
NLNew Line
NLNormal (medical)
NLNorthern Light (search engine)
NLNorthern Lights
NLNewfoundland and Labrador
NLNamelijk (Dutch: namely)
NLNight Light
NLNuevo Leon (Mexican state)
NLNetwork Links (OSPF)
NLNightlife (The Sims Expansion Pack)
NLNational Laboratory
NLNorthern League (independent minor league)
NLProvince of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
NLNo-Load (mutual funds)
NLNew Latin
NLNo Level (software open licensing)
NLNorth Latitude
NLNumber of Lines
NLNick Lachey (singer)
NLNetwork Layer
NLNobel Laureate
NLNumber Line
NLNo License
NLNetwork Library
NLNon-Ladder (Diablo II gaming)
NLNesting Level
NLNaujieji Lietuviai (Lithuanian: New Lithuanians)
NLNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico)
NLNational Lead (Industries)
NLNon Licet (Latin: It Is Not Allowed, epigraphy)
NLNeuvostoliitto (Finnish: Soviet Union)
NLNormal Load
NLNorthern Luzon
NLNeville Longbottom (Harry Potter series)
NLNavy Lighterage (US DoD)
NLNaval Lighter (US Navy)
NLNecrotizing Lymphadenitis (Porcine Circovirus 2)
NLNational Libertarian
NLNumerical Laboratory
NLNondeterministic Logarithmic (complexity theory)
NLNuevo León (Estado de) (México)
NLNetherbian Lair (Everquest)
NLNorthern Lion Gold Corporation (Vancouver, BC, Canada; stock symbol)
NLNightlight Studios (game developers)
NLNIMA Library
NLNorvegijos Lietuviai (Lithuanian: Norway Libraries)
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Some of the Nobel Laureates featured include Marie Curie, Melvin Calvin and Dorothy Hodgkin, he added.
The fact that there's only one woman Nobel Laureate at Lindau shows just how serious the situation is.
Thirty Nobel laureates are scheduled to take part in the meeting to exchange information, network with and inspire the young scientists.
Jack Szostak, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, Alex Rich Distinguished Investigator, Massachusetts General Hospital, Nobel Laureate 2009, Physiology/Medicine
TAMUQ dean and CEO Dr Mark H Weichold said: "We are grateful to Qapco for their generous endowment of this fund and proud to partner with them in bringing a Nobel laureate in the field of polymer science and engineering to Qatar.
The Honeywell Nobel Laureate Lecture Series brings students together with some of the most world's greatest minds to motivate and inspire the development of future scientists.
So we're especially excited to bring you this month's cover story, a debate dedicated to "Rethinking the Social Responsibility of Business" featuring Nobel laureate Milton Friedman and CEOs John Mackey of Whole Foods Markets and T.
But Morrison is also the first and only American-born Nobel laureate for literature since 1962, the year novelist John Steinbeck received the award.
Last year Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind took home four Oscars for the story of Nobel laureate John Nash's tragedy and triumph.
The interview with Nobel laureate William E Sharpe (1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and chairman of Financial Engines, an ingenious financial planning web site) is emblematic of the high bar set for our interviews.
Later, a professor and two professors emeritus will talk about their experiences with their respective mentors, Hideki Yukawa and Shinichiro Tomonaga, Nobel laureates for physics, and Kenichi Fukui, a Nobel laureate for chemistry.