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Meanwhile, DVD proponents gathered at a Nobody Beats The Wiz store in midtown Manhattan last week to celebrate a DVD milestone: Eighteen month's into the format's life, 1 million units have been shipped.
CompUSA, J&R Music & Computer World and Nobody Beats The Wiz all have officials in attendance.
Among them, he represented developer Young Woo and Associates in the purchase of-the former Nobody Beats The Wiz distribution facility in Carteret, N.
Of the stores shopped -- Circuit City, Sears, Nobody Beats The Wiz, P.
During the last two years, a number of failed and troubled big-box formats including Caldor, Lechmere and Nobody Beats the Wiz (liquidated), along with the bankruptcy of Bradlees and Service Merchandise, and the closures of a BJ Wholesale and a KMart store, returned over 1.
Some of the new New England-area stores occupy former Lechmere and Nobody Beats The Wiz locations; others are new constructions.
The ground floor stores are occupied by the national electronic retailer Nobody Beats The Wiz, The Colors, an upscale French restaurant, and Nestle, Inc.
NEW YORK-Primestar satellite services are no longer being sold by Northeast consumer electronics retailer Nobody Beats The Wiz.