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NBTWNobody Beats the Wiz
NBTWNot Back to Work or Studies (brain injury assessment)
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Meanwhile, DVD proponents gathered at a Nobody Beats The Wiz store in midtown Manhattan last week to celebrate a DVD milestone: Eighteen month's into the format's life, 1 million units have been shipped.
The ground floor stores are occupied by the national electronic retailer Nobody Beats The Wiz, The Colors, an upscale French restaurant, and Nestle, Inc., an exclusive light fixture store which has been in operation since the early 1940's.
NEW YORK-Primestar satellite services are no longer being sold by Northeast consumer electronics retailer Nobody Beats The Wiz.
"Kmart, Rickel Home Center, Pathmark and Nobody Beats The Wiz are doing huge sales volumes here, and so is General Cinema with its 13 screens.
"We compete with Nobody Beats The Wiz in every major market," Richard said.
Nobody Beats the Wiz was about to sink, when Cablevision rescued it.
Toys "R" Us and Nobody Beats the Wiz are selling on opposite sides of the park; Staples is open in the Amalgamated Building; PC Richards, the Long Island appliance biggie has opened its first Manhattan store, K-mart is poised to move in slightly down Broadway and the retail consultants are crowing the street's benefits as the next frontier.
And Cablevision purchased Nobody Beats the Wiz (41), which remains under Chapter 11 protection from creditors.
In their places are marching The Gap, Old Navy, Nobody Beats the Wiz, Sports Authority, Modells, Staples, Payless Shoes, Rite Aid and half a dozen others.
As part of that campaign, retailers including RadioShack, Nobody Beats The Wiz and Tops Appliance City are offering $50 rebates to consumers who turn in an old cassette deck to purchase MiniDisc product.
On the Berlin Turnpike, the extremely competitive consumer electronic market heats up as Bernies, Nobody Beats The Wiz, Lechmere, Tweeter and others battle for the consumer dollar along with Circuit City, which opens this Fall in Newington.
They think these electronics giants can produce the kinds of branded showcase stores that would be just what the Times Square doctor ordered - classier than Nobody Beats the Wiz, also mentioned as a contender - but nevertheless a place for tourists to buy the best the world has to offer in electronics, and without a "Going Out of Business" sign at its entry-way.