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NHNew Hampshire (US postal abbreviation)
NHNew Haven
NHNursing Home
NHNational Highway (Australia, India)
NHNot Here
NHNippon Ham (Japan)
NHNathaniel Hawthorne (author)
NHNaval Hospital
NHNorthern Hemisphere
NHNew Hire
NHNatural Horsemanship (horse trainers; Orlando, FL)
NHNatural Heritage Program (Virginia)
NHNotting Hill
NHNew Harmony (Indiana)
NHNordic Hardware
NHNordic Hardware (computer discussion forum in Sweden)
NHNull Hypothesis
NHNational Hose (thread)
NHNatural Harmonic (music)
NHNumber of Hits (weapons planning)
NHNew Hebrides
NHNever Hinged (philatelic term; mint gum stamp)
NHNice Hand
NHNorth Harbor
NHNumber Holder (US SSA)
NHNo Height (track and field)
NHNo Hole
NHNaval Home (US Navy)
NHNew Hat
NHNext Hop (networking)
NHNobody Home (delivery term)
NHNeighborhood History
NHNo Hacks (multiplayer gaming)
NHNorth Hills School District (Pennsylvania)
NHNerf Herder (band)
NHNerd Herd (gaming clan)
NHNational Host
NHNishan-E-Haider (highest gallantry award of Pakistan Army)
NHNorthern Highlands Regional High School (Allendale, New Jersey)
NHNatural Humidity
NHNation of Hope (gaming)
NHNeoHacks (gaming website)
NHNobilis Homo (Latin: Nobleman)
NHNota de Honorários (Invoice, Portugal)
NHNeoplastic Hepatocyte
NHAll Nippon Airways Co Japan (IATA airline code)
NHNon-Busy Hour
NHNutritional Herbologist
NHHidratacion Normal (Spanish: Normal Hydration)
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In contrast, last week's release was like trick-or-treating on Halloween and coming to a house with a bowl of candy at the door but nobody home.
This nimrod had headed up the highway, turned right and left as advised, pulled into the driveway of the big white farm house, parked and gone inside, surprised to find nobody home.
But when they get to his house, they find nobody home - just a house packed with beloved stories.
Officers smashed the door off its hinges at one property in Newcastle's West End and stormed inside, only to find there was nobody home, while another man was led away in handcuffs from a house on the same street.
I always find that keeping up appearances is always a good way to hide the fact that there is nobody home - if you are comfortable with someone staying in your home whilst you are away, ask a family member or a friend to house sit.
For example, if you walk south from the parking lot at Stump Pass Beach State Parkin Englewood you'll find big chunks of beach with nobody home, and, depending on recent storms, there are often blown-down trees along this section which hold snook.
We used to say about folk acting daft: "The lights are on but there's nobody home.
In the summer, when there was nobody home to babysit me, I would get up with my dad at two in the morning.
When she got to the house, it seemed there was nobody home because it was all locked up," he said.
After an energetic rendition of "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home," she clapped her hands.
The second half resumed with the band hidden behind the bricks, Waters eventually appearing front of stage and then, for Nobody Home, in a mini living room set that cleverly descended out of the wall.