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NOHANorthern Harrier (bird species Circus cyaneus)
NOHANetwork on Humanitarian Assistance
NOHANorthern Ontario Hockey Association (Canada)
NOHANutrition for Optimal Health Association (est. 1972; Illinois)
NOHANorthwest Oregon Housing Authority (Warrenton, OR)
NOHANetwork of Humanitarian Action (various organizations)
NOHANew Outlook Housing Association (West Midlands, UK)
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"The attention and encouragement we received from our community encouraged us to establish our namesake line Manoya," Noha Aly explained, adding, "When we sat together to decide upon our brand name, we agreed to use a combination of letters taken from our names, so we came up with Manoya."
Noha and Razan also wrote about the pride they had in their father's work and said they "understood the awe and grandeur with which some people viewed him".
A labourer at a brick kiln, Shah has been reciting marsia and noha for the past 58 years.
"Noha's addition to the marketing team brings us the expertise and experience needed to accelerate our social media strategy and drive business results."
Engineer and fashion star Noha Nabil, who has 5.1 million followers, shared a snap of her standing with children all waving Kuwaiti flags.
On the occasion, azadari was performed and noha were presented by the renowned Nohakhuwan.
Kennedy, Noha Ramadan, and Stephen Thompson (and curated by Elena Filipovic).
Films include Blue Fly Road from acclaimed Syrian filmmaker Bassam Chekhes; City Soul by Diff veteran and multidisciplinary artist Hicham Lasri; Into Reverse by first-time Egyptian filmmaker Noha Adel; The Crossing by Palestinian-Jordanian filmmaker Ameen Nayfeh; The President's Visit by acclaimed Lebanese director and screenwriter Cyril Aris; Tshweesh by Lebanese filmmaker Feyrouz Serhal; Mediterranean by Lebanese filmmaker Talal Khoury; and When the Sky Began to Scream from Tunisian writer and director Kays Mejri.
Another student, Noha Al Rawahi, added: "There is a good response from the students for the campaign, as it will solve the problem of transportation, which is suffered by number of students." "After the launch of the idea, the number of those wishing to be transported has reached about 54 students and 30 volunteers, and we are working on spreading the idea by using various media channels to increase the number of beneficiaries." Next Page >
In the UAE, Noha Mahdi's The Mawada Project offers community service learning programs for children aged 9-18, and has touched the lives of more than 500 people.
Commenting on the competition, Noha Kadora, Noha Kadora, marketing manager at Kone Middle East, said: "Creativity and originality have always been valued at Kone, and with this year's contest, we wish to inspire families and friends to spend some fun and creative time together preparing elevator costumes for the autumn festivities."
Noha El-Ghobashy: [Transparency] is not only a requirement from a regulatory standpoint, it's imperative for good decision-making.