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By the following numerical simulations, the influence of random strength [delta] and noise intensity [sigma] on bifurcation parameter [[beta].
Compared with the deterministic van der Pol system, the noise intensity [sigma] of stochastic van der Pol system makes the critical value of bifurcation parameter larger and Hopf bifurcation occurred later.
But one thing is common; all these standards are based on noise intensity measured in decibels (dB).
The outer objective function is minimized with respect to the process noise intensity Q so that an estimate of the measurement noise variance is close to a known true value.
process noise intensity of stochastic differential sub.
I believe that the applicant, and scores of other individuals with experience in racing at the Cottage Grove Speedway, have sufficient expertise and motivation to identify factors that have contributed to the increase in noise intensity of the speedway since 1982," he wrote.
The Realistic[TM] Sound Level Meter is a superb screening tool for measuring noise intensity in factories, restaurants, schools, offices, or almost anywhere unwanted sound can be a problem or nuisance.
Unexpectedly, they also discovered that for a large number of components, the processed signal's coherence no longer depended on the noise intensity.
In other words, for large arrays, there is apparently no need to fine-tune the noise intensity to an optimal level in order to detect a particular weak signal.
Within these categories, the percent changes in HRV parameters were assessed for each 5-dB(A) increase in noise intensity.
Modern materials in bearings create some specific problems with noise intensity and this paper touches some aspects of noise generation in steel and ceramic bearings.