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NOMICNova Ordem Mundial da Informação E da Comunicação (Portuguese: New World Order of Information and Communication; Brazil)
NOMICNational Organization for Mentally Ill Children
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Nevertheless, there remains residual confidence that Chi- namasa can help push through basic reforms which could go a long way to rescuing a country which, despite decades of eco- nomic abuse, retains undoubted potential.
Simple notions of territory are also generic nomic settings par excellence and as such are central to the development of humanitarian law.
The index published in Economic Freedom of the World meas ures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of eco nomic freedom.
Some lucky few play with boundaries as "infinite" players; reading the book made me realize that I am an infinite player and that I would commit my life to making games like Nomic.
The second notion of geometric possibility considered follows the well-trodden path of nomic primitivism, and is taken to lead us to a variant of modal relationalism that is essentially ungrounded: there is no interesting sense in which, for a given world, facts about geometric possibility can be grounded in ordinary geometric facts.
Ian Cook, chairman, president and chief executive officer, commented,"We are pleased to have achieved another year of double-digit earnings per share growth in 2010, despite aggressive competitive activity and difficult eco- nomic conditions around the world.
According to the organizers, the congress will be attended by African ministers in charge of transport and infrastructures, commissioners in charge of infrastru c tures and energy of the African Union Commission, representatives of regional ec o nomic communities, development partners and CEOs of public transport companies a n d industrial companies, high-level academics from different parts of the world.
Baretaud explained: "After a tough eco- nomic year in 2009, this summit comes at a time when we are experiencing a renewed appetite from investors and de- velopers for hotel expansion and develop- ment.
The probe can be used as a benchtop or handheld unit, and its ergo nomic design and side grips provide extended durability.
George Magnus, the senior eco nomic adviser to UBS bank, said it could trigger a sterling crisis where the pound plunges on the money markets, making overseas holidays and basic goods massively dearer.
This research is based on data culled from self-reported individual answers collected by the General Social Survey (GSS) regarding individuals' socioeco nomic beliefs.
Despite th challenging eco nomic situation we continue to in vest in our peopl and in our futur product line-up We plan to recrui more graduates in 2010 than we did in 2009 to be in th best possible posi tion as the economy improves.