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NVNevada (US postal abbreviation)
NVNaamloze Vennootschap (Dutch: Limited Liability Company)
NVNon-Vintage (champagne)
NVNight Vision
NVNapa Valley (California)
NVNVIDIA (graphics card maker)
NVNot Voting (US Congress; list of members silent on a roll call)
NVNew Vision
NVNetVision (Israeli ISP)
NVNature Valley
NVNach Vereinbarung (German: to be agreed)
NVNoise and Vibration (vehicle performance)
NVNeedle Valve
NVNaval Vessel
NVNorwalk Virus
NVNominal Voltage
NVNo Overflow
NVNorthview Elementary (Olathe, Ks)
NVNetwork Variable
NVNeighborhood Vehicle
NVNon Vital
NVNonvernalized (biology)
NVNikhil-Vinay (Indian music composers)
NVNobilis Vir (Latin: Noble Man, epigraphy)
NVNoble Vitae (comic)
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UL 508A:This provides the requirements for industrial control panels operating at nominal voltages of 1,000 V or less and in ambient temperatures that do not exceed 40 [degrees]C (104 [degrees]F).
Since at time [t.sub.1] and achieve a minimum voltage [U.sub.min], the voltage at the motor stator windings increases exponentially to the nominal voltage of the supply network [U.sub.sn].
Coming to the battery section of the device, it has a battery nominal voltage of 240V.
NiMH cells also have a nominal voltage around 1.25V and will drop below 1.0V at the end of the cell's life.
starter 6st-190 rechargeable battery with electrolyte, ready to be installed on a car, nominal voltage - 12v nominal capacity - 190 ah discharge current - not less than 1100 a terminals - for bolt 84 pcs.
The OSP-v-16-23-16-N1 features a nominal voltage of 230V while the OSP-V-20-11-16-N1's nominal voltage is rated at 115V.
Other features of the BR2477A lithium coin cell include 1,0013 mAH nominal capacity, 3.0 V nominal voltage, flat discharge voltage, very low discharge rate, extreme temperature range (-40[degrees]C to +125[degrees]C), and perchlorate free.
Features include 1,000 mAH nominal capacity; 3.0V nominal voltage; flat discharge voltage; a low discharge rate of 0.5 percent per year at 20[degrees]C, 6 percent per year at 85[degrees]C, 10 percent per year at 100[degrees]C; an extreme temperature range of -40[degrees]C to + 125[degrees]C; and they are perchlorate-free.
The integrated active-low microprocessor reset circuit is triggered when the regulator output drops 10 percent below the nominal voltage.
* A nominal voltage rating of 240 V AC/DC with a 4 A current rating (3 and 4 pole) or 120 V
It can correct input voltage variations as low as -35 percent of nominal voltage without transferring to the battery.