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NERNamed Entity Recognition
NERNominal Exchange Rate (currency)
NERNiger (ISO Country code)
NERNucleotide Excision Repair (molecular genetics)
NERNortheast Region (NPS)
NERNorth Eastern Railway (Railway in NE England 1854-1922)
NERNortheast Region (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
NERNew England Region
NERNorth Eastern Region (India)
NERNetwork Edge Router
NERNeutral Earthing Resistor (industrial electronics)
NERNeryungri (Russia)
NERNational Equipment Register
NERNational Electricity Regulator (South Africa)
NERNo Education Required
NERNew Economic Regulations (France)
NERNet Enrollment Ratio
NERNet Enrollment Rate (education)
NERNormal Evaporation Rate (insulation efficiency of cryogenic dewar storage vessels)
NERNetwork Efficiency Ratio
NERNational Ecosystem Restoration
NERNational Exposure Registry
NERNew Employee Registry
NERNet Effective Rent
NERNational Emissions Report
NERNew England Ringers (Tewksbury, MA handbell group)
NERNo Evidence of Rejection
NERNational Eagle Repository
NERNetwork Equipment Room
NERNavy Emergency Relief
NERNot Entirely Reasonable
NERNondestructive Examination Report
NERNavy Enlisted Rating
NERNew Episcopal Religion
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Our cointegration tests are based on the procedure suggested by Johansen (1988) and Johansen and Juselius (1990).(9) For each country, the number of cointegrating vectors is sequentially determined using the "maximum eigen-value" test statistic or [[Lambda].sub.max].(10) The top panel of Table 1 presents the results of our cointegration analysis applied to a simple version of PPP according to which the nominal exchange rate between two countries is equal to the differential in their price levels.
So there is room for the nominal exchange rate to depreciate by 4.5 per cent, as this creates upward pressure on the CPI of 0.25 x 4.5 = 1.125 percentage points, which exactly offsets the lower price increases for domestic goods.
exports and imports than the nominal exchange rate. The nominal index tracks changes in the dollar's average exchange value relative to our 26 most important trading partners, including the euro area.
[[sigma].sub.E]: Standard deviation of the monthly change in the nominal exchange rate. [[sigma].sub.h]: Standard deviation of the monthly change in international reserves.
NZ experienced relatively large nominal exchange rate movements over the 1990s, appreciating markedly from 1992 to 1997, and depreciating quite rapidly from 1997 onwards (Figure 3).
The index is defined as the nominal exchange rate times a ratio of unit labor costs:
where [e.sub.i,t,m] is the nominal exchange rate of the RMB in terms of foreign
The moving average depreciation is the arithmetic mean of the contemporaneous value and the first lag of monthly rate of nominal exchange rate depreciation.
"The key for monetary policy is keeping price stability, anchoring inflation, while not stifling the nominal exchange rate adjustments to retain competitiveness," she said.