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M2 EQUITYBITES-January 25, 2017-Rezidor announces change in its Nominating Committee for AGM 2017
In June, a group of NLC Officers led by NLC President Archer and state municipal league directors reviewed the nominating process and recommended changes to ensure that the Nominating Committee has an opportunity to get to know all candidates for NLC Office.
According to the company, its nominating committee members ahead of the 2017 Annual General Meeting are Caroline Berg of Axel Johnson AB (committee chair); Tomas Risbecker of AMF Forsakring & funds; Asa Nisell of Swedbank Robur funds; Johan Strandberg of SEB funds and Jonas Hillhammar, Axfood's Shareholder Association.
Dios Fastigheter: (STO:DIOS), an owner and developer of commercial and residential properties in prioritis ed growth areas in northern Sweden, announced on Friday that the members of its nominating committee for AGM 2017 are Bo Forsen, chairman of the nominating committee and representative for Backahill Inter AB; Bob Persson, chairman of the board and representative for AB Persson Invest; Jonas Bengtsson, representative for Bengtssons Tidnings Aktiebolag and Hakan Sandberg, representative for Pensionskassan SHB Forsakringsforening.
The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that individuals recommended for Board and Officer positions are not only active in NLC and their state leagues, but also reflect the diversity of NLC's membership in terms of race, sex, geography, and city size.
Food retailer and wholesaler Axfood Aktiebolag (STO:AXFO) announced on Thursday that its nominating committee, ahead of the Annual General Meeting on 14 March 2018, has proposed the re-election of directors Antonia Ax:son
Please include any additional information or recommendations that would be helpful to the Nominating Committee.
The nominating committee consists of Rebecca Grooms Johnson, NCTM, Columbus, Ohio, chair; Elaina Burns, Dubuque, lowa; Helen Chao Casano, NCTM, Honolulu, Hawaii; Sue Field, Redwood City, California; Gary Ingle, Cincinnati, Ohio; Chan Kiat Lim, Lafayette, Louisiana; Lori Rhoden, Muncie, Indiana; Christine Steiner, NCTM, Wooster, Ohio; Martha Thomas, NCTM, Athens, Georgia; Stephen Thomas, Rexburg, Idaho; Hendry Wijaya, New York, New York.
The Listing Nominating Committee this year comprised three non-executive members of the HKEX Board (Chairman Chow Chung Kong, Director Timothy Freshwater and Director Margaret Leung) and the Chairman and two Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission (Chairman Carlson Tong, Chief Executive Officer Ashley Alder and Executive Director Brian Ho).
The first meeting of the nominating Committee convened via teleconference on December 10, 2015.
All Call for Candidates applications will be reviewed and selections made by the TNA Nominating Committee.
The ACTE Nominating Committee shall present to the Assembly of Delegates at least two candidates for the office of president-elcct.