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NOMISNational Offender Management Information System (UK)
NOMISNational Online Manpower Information System (Office for National Statistics; UK)
NOMISNavy Ordnance Management Information System
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As interest rates rise in many countries and retail banks shift to creating more individualized offers for consumers, analytics-based pricing is becoming an increasingly important tool, and Nomis has one of the leading analytics platforms in the market, said Alan McIntyre, senior managing director and head of Accentures global Banking practice.
Amyris may control the timing and amount of any sale of common stock to Nomis Bay; Amyris will know the sale price before instructing Nomis Bay to purchase shares plus Amyris will issue shares to Nomis Bay at a discount to the volume weighted average price of Amyris's common stock over a preceding period of trading days.
Low Kok On, Saidatul Nomis Haji Mahali, Rosliah Kiting, Sim Chee Cheang, Awang Asri Awang Ibrahim and Esterlina Moo Chin Len 2013 Dokumentasi Teka-Teki, Peribahasa dan Cerita Jenaka Lisan Orang Kadazandusun, Murut, Bajau dan Me 1ayu Brunei.
6 percent according to the Nomis directories, a trend that is being driven by consumer demand and economies of scope.
Now he has decided to go it alone, opening Nomis (that's Simon spelt backwards) two months ago and it's a great coup for Bridgnorth.
Front-of-house engineer Spike Jones's use of Sennheiser mics goes back to the mid-1980s, when he first came across them at London's Nomis rehearsal studios.
Data source: DWP Statistical Tabulation Tool and ONS nomis (annual population survey), download on 31.
an assistant professor in both the Nomis Foundation Laboratories for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis and the Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center and holder of the Rudolph and Sletten Developmental Chair, joined the Salk Institute in November 2009.
Skubos tvarka, vienu metu vykdant archeologinius tyrimus, projektavima ir statyba, remiantis vien pamatu lieka nomis ir hipotetinemis buvusios architekturos vizijomis, "atkurti" Valdovu rumai, su uzmoju irengiami ju interjerai.
The mother-of-four was nomiS nated by her daughter Carrie-Ann Kimbley and won a silver-plated star award, a pounds 100 voucher, a bottle of Champagne and some luxury chocolates.
Its replacement, NOMIS, will instead use three separate databases and is not expected to be working fully until 2011.
Economist Peter Stoney; Philip Hemsted, of Psycuity; Each vacancy advertised at the JobCentre faces a surge of applicants as unemployment increases but the number of available jobs falls; Starting Point, in St Helens, offers job guidance and advice; Fig 1: Jobseeker numbers rose in the Liverpool city region (LCR) proportionately more slowly than in the North West (NW) and the UK from February, 2008 Source: Nomis; Fig 2: The number of jobseekers per JobCentre vacancy has risen sharply since 2008 (data for January) Source: Nomis