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NRINon-Resident Indian
NRINational Resources Inventory
NRINomura Research Institute (Tokyo, Japan)
NRINatural Resources Institute
NRINational Rejectors, Inc. (various locations)
NRINorepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (psychopharmacology)
NRINational Research Initiative (USDA)
NRINon-Resident Importer
NRINetworked Readiness Index
NRINuvo Research, Inc. (Canada)
NRINational Research Institute
NRINatural Resources Inventory
NRINet Revenue Interest
NRINanosystem Research Institute (Japan)
NRINASMHPD Research Institute
NRINanoelectronics Research Initiative
NRINegative Refractive Index
NRINon-Resident International (various organizations)
NRINon-Roster Invitee (baseball)
NRINunavut Research Institute
NRINot Really Interested
NRINippon Research Institute (Japan)
NRINet Radio Interface
NRINet Resources International
NRINon Residential Indian
NRINeural Response Imaging (audiology)
NRINetwork of Relationships Inventory (psychology)
NRINonwovens Report International (textile magazine)
NRINetwork Resource Identifier (3GPP)
NRINon Recurring Item (finance)
NRINorthern Realities, Inc.
NRINational Recovery Institutes
NRINominal Ranging Interval
NRINet Radio Interference
NRINational Remembrance Institute
NRINormalized Reliability Importance
NRINonrecurring Investment
NRINorris Rentals, Inc
NRINon-Repairable Item
NRINational Republic of Iran
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me, Experian, ForgeRock, Internet Society, Nomura Research Institute, and SecureKey Technologies.
DENSO will also establish a consortium with the National Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand; five universities and one education facility in Thailand; seven local system integration companies, as well as Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Thus, it becomes difficult to predict negative interest rates in a capitalist system," said Richard Koo, Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute.
Other tenants include Nomura Research Institute, Daewoo Securities, Berkeley Research Group, Aegis Capital Holding, Omega Advisors, Brightwood Capital Advisors and Ion Media Networks.
The Nomura Research Institute filed a report that nearly all jobs in Japan could be done by robots by 2035.
The visit was headed by the Director General of the JCCME UAE-Japan desk who was accompanied by a senior consultant from Nomura Research Institute in Japan to study the investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi and look at best practices for managing economic zones.
A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Dubai FDI and Nomura Research Institute.
The researchers from the Japanese Nomura Research Institute (NRI) along with their counterparts from Oxford University found out that by 2035 "up to 49 percent of jobs [in Japan] could be replaced by computer systems," according to Engadget.
5 May 2015 - US-based investment banking firm TM Capital served as exclusive financial advisor to Japan-based consulting services and system solutions firm Nomura Research Institute (TYO: 4307) in its acquisition of US-based loyalty and CRM solutions provider Brierley+Partners, the bank said.
NRI) [Tokyo:4307], Japan's leading provider of consulting services and systems solutions, through shares acquisition via the latter's group company, Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific (NRI APAC), headquartered in Singapore.
Kazunori Suzuki, a senior consultant at the Nomura Research Institute, on the other hand, predicts that given the limited driving range, the EV is unlikely to become a dominant force in the eco-friendly car market.
Employment at businesses in the coastal areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures will fall to 691,800 workers from the pre-disaster figure of 773,300, according to the Nomura Research Institute.
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