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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Bore Well Water Non Drinking Through Tanker At Community Hall In Jurisdiction Of Swd4.
Use rainwater for non drinking and non cooking purposes or to water livestock.
Pubs close their doors tromboneblower posted: "Having spent many years in the pub trade before retiring four years ago I can categorically state that the number of pubs will decline in areas where there is a high non drinking population.
That is not our view now but we must make it clear that this remains an option if at any future time the advantages of selling alcohol is outweighed by the disadvantages, (unacceptable disturbance to non drinking patrons).
SPAS: For the non drinking non-driving types, they can relax in any of the numerous mineral spas in the area.
Ministers also agreed to work with the Natural Resource Management Council to develop the National Guidelines on Water Recycling to promote the safe reuse of wastewater for non drinking purposes.
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