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N/ANorth America
N/ANo Answer
N/ANever Again
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N/ANon Alcoholic
N/ANaturally Aspirated (non-turbocharged/non-supercharged engine)
N/ANon Action
N/ANon-Aspirated (engine)
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This confirms that the learners have developed two separate representations for the allophones of velar stops of English although they have similar phonetic representations for aspirated and non-aspirated labial and coronal stops of English.
A fundamental question connected with the distinction between the traditional voiced-voiceless plosives, even if approached phonetically as non-aspirated -- aspirated in the present-day language, is the nature of the phonological contrast in focus.
Preaspiration effectively eliminates aspirated geminates, while non-aspirated geminates are commonplace (Johannesson 1932), e.
But he did not mark those phonetical features that had no direct trace in the text: the vanishing laryngeal h, the difference of spirant and stop non-aspirated gutturals, etc.
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