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NCRNational Cash Register Company
NCRNational Capital Region
NCRNational Catholic Reporter (newspaper)
NCRCombination (probabilities)
NCRNew Carroltton (Amtrak station code; New Caroltton, MD)
NCRNorth Central Railway (India)
NCRNew California Republic (fiction)
NCRNorth Central Region
NCRNational Council of Resistance
NCRNational Civic Review (journal; National Civic League)
NCRNational Cycle Route (National Cycle Network; UK)
NCRNo Criminal Record
NCRNational Credit Reporting (various locations)
NCRNonconformance Report
NCRNumeric Character Reference
NCRNumeric Character Reference (markup construct)
NCRNorth Coast Rocketry (Ohio)
NCRNo Carbon Required
NCRNational Catholic Register (newspaper)
NCRNational Culinary Review (American Culinary Federation)
NCRNaval Construction Regiment
NCRNon-Conformance Report
NCRNot Criminally Responsible (Canadian law)
NCRNational Clinical Research (Richmond, VA)
NCRNorth Circular Road (Dublin, Ireland)
NCRNatural and Cultural Resources
NCRNon-Combat Related
NCRNorthern Central Railroad
NCRNon-Conformance Record (aka Non-Conforming Record)
NCRNational Security Agency/Central Security Service Representative (US DoD)
NCRNon-Compliance Report
NCRNational Cryptologic Representative (US DoD)
NCRNatural Color Relief (maps)
NCRNo Country Redirect
NCRNeuro-Cranial Restructuring
NCRNo Calibration Required (tool control program)
NCRNon-Contingent Reinforcement
NCRNational Care Record (UK)
NCRNiles Canyon Railway
NCRNational Customs Ruling (Canada)
NCRNorth County Road (Texas)
NCRNo Canadian Rights (intellectual property/performance rights)
NCRNetwork Clock Reference
NCRNorth Carolina Renaissance
NCRNeutrophil Chemotactic Response
NCRNational Customer Relations (various companies)
NCRNational Commission for Reparations
NCRNationale Cooperatieve Raad voor land- en Tuinbouw (National Co-operative Council for Agriculture and Horticulture; The Netherlands)
NCRno cardiac resuscitation
NCRNational Cell Repository
NCRNon-Compliance Rating (medicine)
NCRNotification of Change Report
NCRNavy Change Request
NCRNet Commodity Rate
NCRNTCS-A Change Request
NCRNetwork Capacity Requirements
NCRNúcleo Central de Reserva (Guatemala police task force)
NCRNon Carbon Residue
NCRNational Computer Registry
NCRNet Collectible Revenue (Sprint)
NCRNATO Commanders Representative
NCRNucleo Central de Reacción (Guatemala, special police division)
NCRNomenclature Change Request
NCRNCCS Change Request
NCRNative CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Reader (software)
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When non-contingent reinforcement was utilized with hearing aids however, refusal behavior increased significantly and independent wearing of hearing aids fell to levels below 10% of total session time for the final three sessions.
Graph of treatment analysis depicting the responses per min of escape behavior (left y axis) and percentage of independent wearing of glasses and hearing aids (right y axis) across all conditions (BL = baseline; NCR = non-contingent reinforcement; ESC = escape; RC = response cost; RB = response blocking; HA = hearing aids; GS = glasses)
Participants were randomly assigned to a contingent and non-contingent reinforcement group.
The study used a mixed-factor design with contingent reinforcement (CR) and non-contingent reinforcement (NCR) as the between-group variable and CM phase as the within-subject variable.
Other typical treatments involve non-contingent reinforcement, differential reinforcement of alternative behavior, differential reinforcement of other behavior and the use of matched stimuli that "provide sensory stimulation that is the same or similar to the stimulation produced by the aberrant behavior" (Piazza et al., p.
Wishart reported that this dependence on non-contingent reinforcement could be reduced, and the level of conditioned responding increased, by enhancing the success rate of early learning.
Non-contingent reinforcement has its origins in basic research, but has become increasingly used in applied interventions.
The effects of non-contingent reinforcement have been defined by basic research.
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