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NCGTNational Capital Golf Tour
NCGTNorth Coast Gas Transmission (Columbus, OH)
NCGTNon-Cooperative Game Theory
NCGTNorth Coast Group Training (Australia)
NCGTNational Council of Geography Teachers (est. 1915; now National Council for Geographic Education)
NCGTNegatively Charged Glutaraldehyde Tanned
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The authors do not address this topic, although it would have been appropriate to do so in their chapter on non-cooperative game theory.
Verification of different types of proposed leadership models based on non-cooperative game theory was delivered considering assumptions of models.
The research considered coordination in multi-echelon supply chains, in which non-cooperative game theory was used as a suitable tool for coordination of pricing, inventory and marketing expenditure policies in a three-level supply chain where the leadership changed depending on negotiating power.
retailers leadership mathematical modeling in unlimited three echelon supply chain: non-cooperative game theory approach, Archives Des Science 65(6): 81-90.
Prevailing international relations theory assumes that: (1) States are the central actors in the international system; (2) States are not subordinated to a central international authority to enforce cooperation; (3) States are egoists - they constantly try to maximize their interests; and (4) States are rational - they have consistent, ordered preferences, which derive from calculating the costs and benefits of alternative courses of action.(21) Clearly, assumptions (2), (3) and (4) are consistent with those of non-cooperative game theory. Meanwhile, assumption (1) in no way contradicts any of the underlying premises of game theory.(22)
Moreover, game theory can be classified into two main approaches: (i) Non-cooperative game theory: In this approach, the decision makers (or players) behave selfishly, aiming to maximize their own revenue.
3.2 Non-cooperative Game Theory Approach: Concepts and Theorems
Non-cooperative game theory is widely adopted in modeling resource allocation problem in CRNs and can be defined based on definition 3:
Exploring both cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, it considers examples of their use, including discussion of some lesser known theorems.
Strategic games are covered by non-cooperative game theory. Though all fields of game theory are at least implicitly strategic, the non-cooperative game theory has its own formalization.
Game theory can generally be divided into two main branches: (i) non-cooperative game theory, termed NCGT, and (ii) cooperative game theory, termed CGT.
However, in this paper, we limit our discussion to non-cooperative game theory and its application to the problem of resource allocation in AHCRNs.
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