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NDNorth Dakota (US postal abbreviation)
NDNeutral Density (filter used in photography)
NDNotre Dame
NDNo Doubt (band)
NDNot Determined
NDNot Done
NDNew Directions
NDNADPH (Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleotide Phosphate Hydrogen)-Diaphorase
NDNew Delhi (India)
NDNancy Drew (character)
NDNew Deal (Franklin D Roosevelt's plan to boost US economy in the 1930s)
NDNo Date
NDNaturopathic Doctor
NDNot Detected
NDNo Download
NDNorthern District
NDNitto Denko (Japan)
NDNational Director (various organizations)
NDNursing Diagnosis (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association)
NDNational Diploma (England)
NDNo Damage
NDNaughty Dog (video game developer)
NDNine Days (band)
NDNeil Diamond (singer)
NDNo Decision (baseball; when a starter does not win or lose)
NDNetwork Design
NDNominal Diameter (pipe size)
NDNew Democracy (Greece)
NDNapoleon Dynamite (movie)
NDNeighbor Discovery
NDDoctor of Naturopathic Medicine
NDNewcastle Disease
NDNatural Death
NDNADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Dehydrogenase
NDNot Detectable
NDNet Debt (financial management)
NDNot Documented
NDNapalm Death (band)
NDNueva Decoración (Spanish: New Decoration)
NDDoctor of Nursing (degree)
NDNormal Delivery
NDNon-Directional (antenna)
NDNon-Descript (TV/film industry and animal breeds)
NDNose Down
NDNetdevil (game company)
NDNavigation Display
NDNatural Diamond
NDNipple Down (wells)
NDNaval Distillate
NDNetwork Diagram
NDNear Dark (movie)
NDNotifiable Disease
NDNavy Diver (USN job classification)
NDNegligent Discharge (firearms)
NDNo Drawing
NDNorsk Data
NDNext Degree
NDNeutron Detector
NDNormalized Detection
NDNorrie Disease
NDNatural Density (filter)
NDNon-Stationary Deterministic (neural information processing)
NDNeutron Density
NDNo Date of Publication
NDNavigational Display
NDNova Demokratija (Serbian: New Democracy Party; political party from Serbia-Yugoslavia)
NDNormal Deployment
NDNon-Distended (abdominal exam)
NDNeutral Drive
NDNetwork Directorate
NDNick Delay (IRC)
NDNatürliche Dummheit (German: Natural Dumbness)
NDNitrification / De-Nitrification
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As to the latter, when every posting-house and ale-house could produce somebody in "the Captain's" pay, ranging from the landlord to the lowest stable non-descript, it was the likeliest thing upon the cards.
Therefore, the hypothesis for the present study was that, in non-descript cattle; mechanisms involved with natural and synchronized estrus differ.
For the last 29 years, Mustafa Kunnathuparambil has been working as a delivery guy at a small, non-descript neighbourhood grocery store in Abu Dhabi.
That's right, He DID THE LIGHTS at Glasgow's legendary Sub Club ONCE (while a non-descript Canadian DJ by name of Johnny Violent or Killer or something played fairly straightforward techno).
A non-descript graveyard to the common eye, few know the significance it holds to the story of both Pakistan and India -it is the final abode of countless freedom fighters who lost their lives resisting British rule in the Sub-Continent.
and world history from the side of a non-descript river, you have a state that is to guns like Kentucky is to Bourbon and Florida is to giant money-grubbing mice.
Hidden under a black, non-descript exterior that looks like the average laptop bag is a deployable shield strong enough to deferid against multiple impacts from knives and most handgun, shotgun, and pistol-caliber sub-machine gun threats.
Soon after Swapna scripted history by clinching the gold in Jakarta, people rushed outdoor, sweets were distributed, and many thronged her non-descript residence at Ghoshpara.
She described it as a 'non-descript English accent.'.
The average per day milk yield in India during 2016-17 was 10.81, 7.43, 3.54, 2.28, 5.94, 4.04 and 0.46 kg from exotic cows, crossbred cows, indigenous cows, non-descript cows, indigenous buffaloes, non-descript buffaloes and goats.
But during the years of wanderlust that followed my voice changed with the wind and, while it has returned more to its Yorkshire roots it remains, after a lifetime of experience, stubbornly non-descript.
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