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NDNorth Dakota (US postal abbreviation)
NDNeutral Density (filter used in photography)
NDNotre Dame
NDNo Doubt (band)
NDNot Determined
NDNot Done
NDNew Directions
NDNew Delhi (India)
NDNancy Drew (character)
NDNew Deal (Franklin D Roosevelt's plan to boost US economy in the 1930s)
NDNaturopathic Doctor
NDNot Detected
NDNo Download
NDNational Diploma (England)
NDNo Damage
NDNaughty Dog (video game developer)
NDNine Days (band)
NDNeil Diamond (singer)
NDNo Decision (baseball; when a starter does not win or lose)
NDNetwork Design
NDNew Democracy (Greece)
NDNeighbor Discovery
NDDoctor of Naturopathic Medicine
NDNewcastle Disease
NDNatural Death
NDNADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Dehydrogenase
NDNot Detectable
NDNet Debt (financial management)
NDNot Documented
NDNapalm Death (band)
NDDoctor of Nursing (degree)
NDNormal Delivery
NDNon-Directional (antenna)
NDNon-Descript (TV/film industry and animal breeds)
NDNose Down
NDNetdevil (game company)
NDNapolean Dynamite (Movie)
NDNavigation Display
NDNatural Diamond
NDNetwork Diagram
NDNear Dark (movie)
NDNotifiable Disease
NDNavy Diver (USN job classification)
NDNegligent Discharge (firearms)
NDNo Drawing
NDNorsk Data
NDNext Degree
NDNeutron Detector
NDNorrie Disease
NDNatural Density (filter)
NDNeutron Density
NDNo Date of Publication
NDNavigational Display
NDNova Demokratija (Serbian: New Democracy Party; political party from Serbia-Yugoslavia)
NDNormal Deployment
NDNon-Distended (abdominal exam)
NDNeutral Drive
NDNetwork Directorate
NDNick Delay (IRC)
NDNatürliche Dummheit (German: Natural Dumbness)
NDNitrification / De-Nitrification
NDNo Date
NDNominal Diameter (pipe size)
NDNormalized Detection
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As to the latter, when every posting-house and ale-house could produce somebody in "the Captain's" pay, ranging from the landlord to the lowest stable non-descript, it was the likeliest thing upon the cards.
No, not caused by the 'Beast from the East' who knew that was what Csaba Laszlo called himself these days but some were downright feart by St Mirren's non-descript win over Brechin last weekend.
In the dark, many familiar craters and other features can't be seen, and the normally non-descript areas around some craters start to 'glow,' because the rocks there are still warm," Paul Hayne of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder, explained in the statement.
English language vocal performances are similarly flat and the soundtrack is non-descript save for a glaringly obvious roar of Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.
38 g progesterone (P4) with or without gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) and double prostaglandin (PGF2[alpha]) on estrus response and pregnancy per AI in non-descript cows.
It's about as non-descript a knife as you can find, but beautiful in form and function.
Development of a fundus was evaluated in an ophthalmologically healthy non-descript dog at one month until age of 12 months.
05) the most affected, followed by Sahiwal, Cholistani, Holstein Friesian and non-descript, respectively, while in buffaloes, non-descriptive breed was more affected than Nili Ravi.
An adaptive reuse project, McHenry Architecture resurrected the non-descript concrete structure into a warm community gathering place with a raw industrial vibe due in part to weathering steel cladding by MetalTech-USA.
strikingly non-descript / my face attracts strangers who need to
Photos of the arms seized in the raid suggested that Guzman and his associates had a fearsome arsenal at the non-descript white house.
This project seeks to reposition the existing architectural configuration of a non-descript transit center access point into a more open, iconic point-of-entry that better connects to its immediate surroundings and is more central to the user experience.
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