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NONELNon-Electric (firing system for explosives)
NONELNo-Observed-Nephrotoxic-Effect Level (toxicology)
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He confirmed that the company is already looking towards its next planning period, where the priority will be the non-electric zone.
The seized items includes 50 Kilogram of high explosive, 400 non-electric detonators, six packs safety fuse wires.
Ardakani stressed that exports of household appliances increased, adding that exports of electric and non-electric household appliances grew by $360 million, or 22 percent.
Non-electric revenues, which made up three percent of the total revenues, remained stable, rising five percent to P4.7 billion.
The bomb disposal squad (BDS) incharge, Ramzan Panhwar, said that non-electric devices, which he categorised as improvised explosive devices (IED) weighing between 100 grammes and 150 grammes were used in the incident.
Citing the BDS the SP told that 2 non-electric devices, both improvised explosive devices, were placed on both the upcountry and down country tracks.The SP said the police have started investigation of the incident.
The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) repotted that on March 24, two miners were using a man-lift to charge (load) blast holes with non-electric blasting caps, 8-grain boosters and ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) blasting agent.
The CTD recovered 2kg explosives, two meter safety fuses, non-electric detonators, and ball bearings.
Last week, rival KYMCO, one of the biggest manufacturers of 'traditional' non-electric motorcycles, also presented its 'ionex' system for recharging and changing batteries.
Fujimura Yasuyuki, a Japanese inventor who set up "Atelier Non-Electric" in Nasu in the northern Tochigi Prefecture of Japan, visits Seoul every month to teach citizens how to create various substitutes for everyday appliances.
The non-electric versions of the Kona are priced from GBP16,195 and the Niro is priced at GBP18,662.