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NONEXPNon-Expiring (relating to protective orders; NCIC form datum)
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Non-expiring other funds; FY19 and FY18 weapons procurement and fiscal FY18 and FY17 other procurement funding in the amount of $200.62M will be obligated at time of award and funding in the amount of $105,890 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.
In addition, they can also benefit from a generous rewards program with non-expiring rewards points, cash rebates, or airmiles.
As Russia, the regime and Iran create military facts by terrorizing children and their parents, the leaders of a hollowed-out West intone piously about there being no military solution for Syria: a non-expiring permission slip for doing nothing while people die.
The acquisition consideration includes the real property, on which the Jeju Hotel and Casino is situated, as well as a non-expiring gaming license, which allows for an unlimited number of gaming tables that may be installed, subject to regulatory approval.
The report, which includes Sentient Jet, Marquis Jet, Wheels Up, and Delta Private Jets, uses the cost of a 25-hour jet membership and "effective hourly rates" based on round-trip discounts to compare pricing, but also highlights important flexibility aspects such as global service, fully refundable, non-expiring hours, and the ability to interchange aircraft categories.
Eligible companies can enjoy as low as zero percent income tax for 12-year renewable periods, as well as non-expiring zero percent taxes on custom duties on imports/exports; withholding tax on royalties, fees and dividends; interest income; sales tax on local purchases of goods or services; and stamp duty.
The 1830 days of retention spans both the monthly service and non-expiring block plans.
However, a set of non-expiring provisions remain in statute and are known as "permanent law." The permanent law provisions were enacted primarily in the Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1938 and the Agricultural Act of 1949.
"Many FIS systems remain configured with default passwords, no passwords, non-complex passwords, and non-expiring passwords," and adding the quote "Enterprise vulnerability scans in November 2012, noted over 10,000 instances of default passwords in use within the FIS environment."
Without new legislation governing the nation's farm subsidy programs, the country would revert to a set of non-expiring provisions enacted in agriculture legislation during the 1930s and 1940s.