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NFCNational Football Conference
NFCNear Field Communication (RF technology)
NFCNuclear Fuel Complex (India)
NFCNational Finance Center
NFCNatural Fiber Composites
NFCNetwork Flow Connections
NFCNear Field Communication
NFCNetflow Collector
NFCNative Friendship Centre (various locations)
NFCNon-Financial Corporation
NFCNetwork File Copy (Vmware)
NFCNeuro-Fuzzy Controller
NFCNational Finance Commission (Pakistan)
NFCNational Football Centre (various locations)
NFCNepal Food Corporation (Kathmandu, Nepal)
NFCNational Forest Company (UK)
NFCNot from Concentrate (juice beverages)
NFCNo Further Comment (chat)
NFCNorwegian Forest Cat (cat breed)
NFCNational Fire Code (NFPA)
NFCNon-Financial Counterparty (EU)
NFCNational Fraternal Congress (various organizations)
NFCNash Finch Company (food distributor; Minneapolis, MN)
NFCNon-Fiber Carbohydrate (nutrition)
NFCNational Field Champion (American Kennel Club field trials)
NFCNational Franchise Convention (Australia)
NFCNon-Finite Clause (linguistics)
NFCNational Film Challenge (competition)
NFCNo Fat Chicks
NFCNo-Frills Carrier (air travel)
NFCNational Fruit Collections (UK)
NFCNational Fitness Center
NFCNational Fiber Council (Chicago, IL)
NFCNieuwer-Amstelsche Football Club (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
NFCNot Factory Cut
NFCNational Forensic Center
NFCNokia Football Crazy (TV show)
NFCNon-Functional Characteristic
NFCNational French Contest (annual school competition)
NFCNavy Finance Center
NFCNational Fusion Center
NFCNot for Cause
NFCNo Flippin' Clue (polite form)
NFCNumbered Fleet Commander
NFCNo Further Consequences
NFCNakagami Fading Channel
NFCNacional Football Club (France)
NFCNo Frills Christianity
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4) ADL, acid detergent lignin; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber; CHO, total carbohydrate; NFC, non-fiber carbohydrate calculated; CP, crude protein; EE, ether extract; CHO = 1,000-(CP+EE+Ash) [1]; NFC = 1,000-(CP+EE+Ash+NDF) [1].
4] than non-fiber carbohydrate-rich diet in dairy cows [4] because the diet containing large amounts of non-fiber carbohydrates derives propionate production in the rumen, thereby inhibiting rumen methanogen growth [30].
The non-fiber carbohydrate (NFC) content of TKPER was higher than that of SB, SBCR, and SBM.
Non-fiber carbohydrate rates (NFC) were assessed following Detmann and Valadares Filho (2010), due to urea in the diets:
CNCPS assumes that the carbohydrate A fraction in corn silage is 20% of the non-fiber carbohydrate and its Kd is 10%/h, accounting for low energy yield from organic acids (Fox et al.
Non-fiber carbohydrate content corrected for ash and protein (CNFcp) was calculated as proposed by Hall (2003), namely: NFC = (100 - %NDF %CP - % EE - % MM).
25 x DEE + DNDFcp + DNFC (NRC, 2001), in which: DCP = digestible crude protein; DEE = digestible ether extract; DNDFcp = digestible neutral detergent fiber (corrected for ash and protein); DNFC = digestible non-fiber carbohydrate.
2015), so it can be inferred that among the main causes for reduction in the cryoscopic index of milk is the availability of energy in the diet of females, in the form of non-fiber carbohydrates, which are the precursors of lactose in milk.