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NIPFNon-Industrial Private Forest
NIPFNational Industrial Policy Framework (South Africa)
NIPFNational Incontinentia Pigmenti Foundation
NIPFNorfolk Island Police Force (Australia)
NIPFNational Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPFNational Injury Prevention Foundation (Thinkfirst; Warrenville, IL)
NIPFNonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia and Fibrosis
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Mechanized firms indicated higher proportions of their stumpage came from county and state forests, while non-mechanized firms reported a higher portion from non-industrial private forests (NIPFs).
The mills have become an important source of income for non-industrial private forest landowners who own pulpwood that was previously marketable.
In a state that's more than half forested--with 12 million acres in the hands of non-industrial private forest landowners--getting the word out about sound forest management is more than just a good idea--it's a priority.
In addition to the forestland in the public domain at the state level, state foresters help manage private lands owned by the approximately 10 million non-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners in the United States.
It was found that average responses for all 212 respondents are all highly significantly different (p [less than] 0.001) from neutral (3.0 on a 5-point scale) on the need to certify tropical, industrial private, and non-industrial private forests.
Scott Wallinger of Westvaco indicated in a recent speech, industry is going to have to develop new and better procurement and harvesting options and controls if it is to expand open-market procurement with a new breed of non-industrial private forest owner as well as from public forests.
* With the President's sponsorship, legislative action in the final session of the 100th Congress, which included a near doubling of the programs that assist non-industrial private forest landowners and an increasingly well-balanced national forest program, looked like an AFA wish list!
USDA programs that provide education, technical and financial assistance to non-industrial private forest owners should be expanded, with a target of doubling their total effort by 1990.
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