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Comparing mechanized and non-mechanized logging firms in Wisconsin: Implications for a dynamic ownership and policy environment.
The second major characteristic to consider in determining Iran's disposition toward the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction is whether it has a mechanized or a non-mechanized (infantry-based) army.
The report notes that, to some extent, this is the result of a large number of non-mechanized mines in the region (with the opposite being the case in developed markets like the U.
For example, Colorado's law requires excavators (for the purposes of the law, excavation includes directional drilling) to exercise reasonable care when working around marked utilities and defines reasonable care as "potholing, visual identification of the facility, use of non-mechanized excavation tools and other non-destructive practices, and documentation.
All of this was in the service of northern corporate capitalism and the psycho-cultural desires of the urban middle class who, in the consumption of such handcrafted goods, could embrace a series of values supposedly inherent in a non-mechanized past while giving up none of the benefits of the increasingly technological present and future.
iv) Type - C: These units cater entirely to the calendering needs of non-mechanized finishing units.
In the non-mechanized types of grit chambers, cleaning is necessary after every storm, and also when the channels are half full or more.
This analysis begs the obvious question of how far the old methods of workplace organization resurrected themselves in the nineteenth-century factories, as well as the question of what exactly it was that was different about those non-mechanized trades whose status declined in the early nineteenth century but not before.
Apart from nomadic lifestyles, there is intensive, non-mechanized irrigation practiced by peasants along the major rivers, such as the Shabeelle and the Jubba.
Mechanized and non-mechanized logging firms were significantly different from each other ([alpha] = 0.
A review of non-mechanized coarse screening shows that they capture only an estimated 4 percent of the large solids discharged during a typical event before plugging and overtopping.