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With the growing number of non-native English-speaking teachers and with the growing phenomenon of English as a global language, teacher educators can spend more time with native and non-native preservice teachers critically examining the affordances of being non-native speaking teachers.
Non-native speaking tutors represent a success story for them: a person who was able to adapt, to overcome the culture shock and the consequent writer's block.
Guided by the President's vision and Secretary Spelling's leadership, I was given the opportunity to pursue the following goals during my service in OVAE: to improve the transition of secondary students into postsecondary education, to improve adult literacy, to upgrade the accountability systems for vocational and adult education, to better coordinate the provision of educational services to rural schools and communities, and to bring the message of No Child Left Behind to Hispanic and other non-native speaking students.
Finally, during my service, I have been able to bring the administration's message of No Child Left Behind to the Hispanic and other non-native speaking communities.
Furthermore, Ellis (2002) states that Australia has paid less attention to the issue of NSTEs in preference to non-native speaking teachers of English (NNSTEs) while this has been a heated debate in ELT worldwide.
Ganeva (1999) found that non-native speaking students participated more in online environment than native English speaking students and with equal speech functionality.
One of the newest features of ACCUPLACER expands the ability of a school to reach an even greater segment of its non-native speaking population.
Results showed that participants who worked with the native speaking computer recalled significantly more information that the participants who worked with the non-native speaking computer.
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