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NOENintendo of Europe
NOENetwork of Excellence
NOENærings Og Energidepartementet (Norwegian: Industry and Energy Ministry)
NOENucleo Operativo Ecologico (Italian: Ecological Unit Operations; environmental protection)
NOENuclear Overhauser Effect
NOENap of the Earth (aviation)
NOENon-Observed Economy
NOENape of the Earth
NOENot Otherwise Enumerated
NOENotice Of Exception
NOENecrotizing Otitis Externa (disease)
NOENaso-Orbito-Ethmoid (fracture type)
NOENORAD Operational Evaluation
NOENon-Combatant Evacuation Operations
NOENew Orleans Exchange
NOENatural Operating Environment
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According to the Survey on Non-Observed Economy carried out in 1995 employees working in the hidden market were distributed in a different way.
It can be summarized that the calculations made in the survey on Non-Observed Economy enables us to estimate approximately the extent of hidden employment.
According to the calculations of the authors, which represented Institute of Social and Labour Research based on the data of the State Social Insurance the extent of hidden employment in 2003 reached about 200 thousand while according to the data of the Survey on Non-Observed Economy this number equaled about 100 thousand.
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