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NOLMOSNon-Orthogonal (strictly) Local Molecular Orbitals
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Unlike the case of rotational misalignment, for non-orthogonal axes the radial error is a function of [alpha].
A SERF is referred as orthogonal if all the edges forming the SERF are straight linear and is termed as non-orthogonal, when at least one edge forming the SERF is inclined linear.
The results prove the analysis that non-orthogonal codewords are closer to each other, hence to find similarly correlated codewords is consequently easier.
Other topics include superselection rules induced by infrared divergence, Hermitian modifications of Toeplitz linear functionals and orthogonal polynomials, Dirac equations in cosmological backgrounds, and non-orthogonal signal representation.
RUBICAD is the leading provider of layout modification tools, which can process 45-degree and non-orthogonal structures.
02 adds a new meshing option that creates mesh cells that more closely conform to curved surfaces and non-orthogonal edges.
Instead of the idealized geometry of the right angle, the brick wall is folded to a softer, non-orthogonal profile, and the lead-coated copper entrance canopy is offset from the footpath along the side of the crisp, green lawn.
2 Governing Equations Expressed in Non-Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates to Calculate 3D Viscous Fluid Flow in Turbomachinery.
While his buildings are frequently grouped in an informal and non-orthogonal manner in response to setting, individual pavilions themselves are often broadly symmetrical in form, around one axis, suggesting a sense of social focus or gathering - a celebration of human rituals.
The Situs Topical Autorouter offers native routing support for non-orthogonal geometries, such as those found with high-density BGA devices and rotated components.
Preferring non-orthogonal geometries, he also showed they needed just as much, if not more discipline and restraint as conventional forms.
Designers will need a 3D field solver to accurately model package interconnect elements such as non-orthogonal traces, vias, wire bonds and solder balls, and to take into account the non-ideal ground planes prevalent in advanced IC package designs.
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