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NOLMOSNon-Orthogonal (strictly) Local Molecular Orbitals
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The chipset combines DOCOMO's non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) radio access technology and MediaTek's multi-user interference cancellation (MUIC) technology, which is required to achieve NOMA.
In 2017, ZTE initiated and played a leading role in the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) project, a core 5G NR project.
ZTE led the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) study item, which Wang said is a promising technology that can boost throughput for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), and significantly lower overhead and latency.
For the OSTBC design the detection matrix is diagonal, this enables the use of simple linear decoding, but in the QOSTBC design the detection matrix is non-orthogonal, as shown in equation (5)
The SCMA is a multi-dimensional codebook-based non-orthogonal spreading technique; it is a type of MC-CDMA with a particular choice of a sparse code book facilitating low-complexity maximum likelihood (ML) detection.
the non-orthogonal access technology based on Sparse Code Multiple Access
However, since Chisquaremax is relatively new and has not yet been addressed in the literature, the performance of a factorial model submitted to this method should be assessed and compared with other non-orthogonal criteria, considering samples both with different correlation degrees and contaminated with outliers.
Key statement: A method for determining the tread depth of a vehicle tire, with the tire being mounted on a vehicle, the tire being rolled over or placed on a measuring station, the tread of the tire being optically sensed transversely to the rolling direction of the tire on at least one measuring line, a ray fan extending from a light source being reflected at the tire surface and a signal of the reflected ray fan being recorded by a sensor, and the signal of the reflected ray fan being evaluated by way of a triangulation method, is characterized in that the signal is recorded in a non-orthogonal manner to the tire surface.
This construction can apparently be seen on the USS Constitution, however, as one source notes: "the structure was an example of non-orthogonal components" that "do not constitute a space frame".
If the source transmits a new symbol when the relay forwards the received symbol, this protocol does not use the orthogonal time slot so we call non-orthogonal AF (NAF).
Unpredictable: African and Scandinavian objects coexist in the entry hallThe most obvious elements of this design approach are the doors which he positioned not just so as to open and close, but to create unusual, non-orthogonal routes through them that dilates the entrance to the next space.
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