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NQDANegro Esquisso Digital Agency (web development)
NQDANational Questioned Document Association (document examination)
NQDANon-Qualified Deferred Annuity (investing)
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Client could purchase a "non-qualified SPIA" as part of a section 1035 exchange from an existing non-qualified deferred annuity currently worth $200,000.
Assume a non-qualified deferred annuity was originally purchased 15 years ago for $100,000 and is now worth $200,000.
But the MEC's death benefit is income tax-free to beneficiaries while the gain in a non-qualified deferred annuity is taxable to beneficiaries as income-in-respect of a decedent or IRD.
The subject might have just gotten a bit more approachable, however, with Genworth Financial's new take on its hybrid annuity that offers a single-premium, non-qualified deferred annuity bundled with a long-term care insurance rider.
Should the client be unable to buy life insurance due to uninsurability or high premium costs, he or she might purchase a non-qualified deferred annuity from a licensed agent as an alternative, observes Ferris.
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