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The former is time slot adaptive loop (TS-Loop) to enforce the hard QoS ensurance for real-time application, and the latter is contention window loop (CW-Loop) to enforce the soft QoS ensurance for non-real-time traffic.
Consider a heterogeneous wireless network with non-real-time traffic user set K[N.sub.RT] and real-time traffic user set [K.sub.RT], and K = [K.sub.NRT] U [K.sub.RT] .
Another protocol called Potential-based Real-Time Routing (PRTR) [67] divides the packet into real-time and non-real-time packets to prevent the shortest path from being congested by nondelay sensitive packets in WSN.
The integrated FIFO supports low power applications and prevents data loss in non-real-time systems.
The software stack includes Wind River Hypervisor preconfigured to support three partitions running two instances of Wind River VxWorks for real-time applications and one instance of Wind River Linux 5.0 for non-real-time applications.
Furthermore, the sink node informs all the active nodes in the network about the real-time and non-real-time routing paths by single or multihop flooding.
VBR has been known as an ATM service category (Traffic Management Specification, 1996) intended for both the real- time and non-real-time applications.
GL's FaxDDT38(TM) is an off-line (non-real-time) software product that supports analysis of Fax traffic over IP using the files captured by popular IP capturing tools.
The operating system is divided into the real-time domain and non-real-time domain.
* How will always-on mobile customers exploit non-real-time assistance and call return options?
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