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Last Monday, Kosovo imposed an import tax of 10 percent on produce from Serbia and Bosnia, claiming it was "protecting" local industry and retaliating for Belgrade's non-recognition of its former province.
In this way, the unnecessary practice of non-recognition of test reports by accredited laboratories will be removed because the accreditation bodies from both countries are the signatories to the European Accreditation (EA) Agreement.
'The non-recognition accorded to two communities have deprived them of the privileges accorded to the natives of Sarawak,' Lusoi stressed, adding that he is surprised that these two communities have not been deemed as the natives despite the fact that they have been living in Sarawak for centuries.
ISLAMABAD -- The pharmacy Department students of Quaid-i-Azam University on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration on non-recognition of the department by pharmacy Council of Pakistan.
Among their topics are whether special economic zones in Poland are a black hole swallowing the state budget or a messiah for regional development, (dis)trusting the European Union: the evolving variety of Euroskepticism in Central and Eastern Europe, Slovenian soft power capabilities in the European context: missed opportunities of cultural diplomacy and the Erasmus student exchange program, the Slovak parliament's involvement in the European Union agenda: Kosovo's independence and the policy of non-recognition, and the European Union's influences over media discourse on renewable energy sources in Russia.
IN his letter "Electoral apathy lets in separatists" Robert Ian Williams wrote that an independent Catalonia would be vetoed by Spain and face non-recognition from the world.
Justice Shams Mehmood Mirza passed the orders while disposing of petitions filed by dozens of FJMU students against non-recognition of their degrees by the HEC.
ae1/4oeThe international community's non-recognition of the Israel's occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, proves that the Palestinian cause is firm and that the Palestinian people will not be defeated.ae1/4Ci
Responding to a Calling Attention Notice raised by Khalida Mansoor and others regarding to non-recognition of unsung heroes of Hazara and Qalat, the minister said the civil awards were given to prominent personalities who had rendered significant services or sacrifices for the country according to a laid down procedure.
Given the high level of non-recognition and discrimination, BESA wonders until when will Macedonian Government take advantage of Albanian fortune-seekers?
Establishment of non-recognition of post coup d'etat as a universal principle raises some difficult practical questions.
"The European Union remains committed to fully implementing its non-recognition policy, including through restrictive measures," the European Council, which represents EU governments, said in its statement.