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NRNaval Reserve
NRNot Rated
NRNot Required
NRNear (hospitality industry)
NRNational Register
NRNational Review (political magazine)
NRNatural Resources
NRNatural Rubber
NRNetwork Rail (UK)
NRNuclear Receptor (protein class)
NRNouvelle République (French: New Republic; newspaper)
NRNichtraucher (German: non-smokers)
NRNational Rail (Australia)
NRNationalrat (Austrian Parlamentary Institution)
NRNo Regrets
NRNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) restricted
NRNo Rush (Starcraft game)
NRNekromantix (band)
NRNull Reference
NRNegative Reinforcement
NRNaval Reactor
NRNo Replication (Cache)
NRNaturally Radioactive
NRNicktoons Racing (game)
NRNarrow Resonance
NRNegative Rebuttal (debate)
NRNo Refill (prescription)
NRSubmersible Research Vehicle (Nuclear Propulsion)
NRNavigational Radar
NRNautic Radio (Island of Vis, Croatia)
NRNet Riddle (Central Riddle Network)
NRNorth American Rockwell Corporation
NRNormothermic Recirculation
NRNørrer (Danish: Northern)
NRNo Resuscitation/Revival
NRNucleo de Reserva (Guatemala, police reserves)
NRMain Rotor Speed-Rotor Rate of Rotation in percent
NRNotice of Results/Rating
NRNomad Renegade (gaming clan)
NRNo Recovery
NRNo Response (polls)
NRNetwork Report
NRNo Reference
NRNouveau Riche
NRNovember Rain (Guns N' Roses song)
NRNot Real (mathematics)
NRNew Roads (Louisiana)
NRNintendo Revolution (game system)
NRNeutral Red (dye)
NRNintendo Ring
NRNothing Really
NRNot Recommended
NRNot Reported
NRNext Round
NRNo Reaction
NRNo Reply
NRNight Rider
NRNewly Reformulated (pharmacology)
NRNo Repeats
NRNorwich (postcode, United Kingdom)
NRNuclear Reactor
NRNice Roll
NRNo Reserve
NRNoise Reduction
NRNon-conformance Report
NRNorthern Rebels (gaming clan)
NRNot Ready
NRNon-Record Material
NRNorsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center)
NRRecurrent Nova
NRNot Really
NRNeutron Radiography
NRNotes Receivable
NRNot Remarkable
NRNumber of Rotations (main rotor speed)
NRNorthern Region (Ghana)
NRNummer (Swedish: Number)
NRNot Reserved (auction)
NRNot Racist
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students and parents have complained about the non-recognition of the program despite the university charging thousands of rupees every semester.
The students, mostly of whom graduated in 2016, had approached the court against non-recognition of their degrees after the respondents refusal on the pretext that the institution did not fulfill the criterion of a medical university.
Establishment of non-recognition of post coup d'etat as a universal principle raises some difficult practical questions.
Manama, Ramadan 09, 1437, June 14, 2016, SPA -- Bahraini Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments emphasized the dangers of the systematic organizations which operate within the framework of external religious political reference, under the apparent disregard to the duties of citizenship and peaceful coexistence, and a direct dependence on the deepening sectarian political concepts, and the consolidation of breaching the Constitution, the law and all state institutions, as well as non-recognition of components in society in order to create a sectarian dimension of the political reality and seek to clone regional models based on sectarian lines.
The European Union remains committed to fully implementing its non-recognition policy, including through restrictive measures," the European Council, which represents EU governments, said in its statement.
Factors adversely impacting Kosovo's efforts to combat narcotics trafficking include the lack of full integration of the four northern municipalities, a weak economy, non-recognition by some states in the region, and a less than fully effective border management system.
The defendants have not renounced their Islamic faith but have declared their non-recognition of acts and statements attributed to Prophet Muhammad , also known as Hadith, that have been compiled hundreds of years after his death.
The district court granted DeJoria's motion for non-recognition, concluding that Morocco's judicial system failed to provide impartial tribunals and procedures compatible with due process as required under Section 36.
Last year, you transferred 58 [foreign] students to the Osh [medical school], resulting in non-recognition of their diplomas at home.
By reflecting on phenomenology, ethics, and religion in "The Good of Recognition", Sohn not only shows how Levinas and Ricreur articulated a response to the pervasive problems of non-recognition and mis-recognition in their day but also suggests how their thought can contribute to a better understanding of our contemporary social and political landscape.
At the end of the demonstration, the leading figure of the Ahrar bloc, former lawmaker Maha al-Duri launched a word included a number of claims, including: non-recognition of the legitimacy of the security agreement signed between Iraq and the United States, which gives the right of foreign interference in Iraqi affairs, and rejected outside interference under any title, and compensate the affected citizens as a result of military operations by American forces and terrorist operations.
Despite non-recognition, Juico said it does not stop him from proceeding with his program to uplift track and field.