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NRBNatural Resources Board
NRBNational Religious Broadcasters
NRBNepal Rastra Bank
NRBNil Rate Band (inheritance tax; UK)
NRBNero Cdrom Boot
NRBNext Reference Block
NRBNon-Resident Bangladeshi
NRBNational Reconstruction Bureau (Pakistan)
NRBNational Review Board
NRBNational Research Bureau
NRBNeedle Roller Bearing
NRBNuclear Receptor-Binding (endocrinology)
NRBNile River Basin
NRBNon-Regulated Business
NRBNot Required Back
NRBNational Reservation Bureau Inc
NRBNo Reason Boner
NRBNavy Reservation Bureau (US Navy)
NRBNaval Repair Base (US Navy)
NRBNeed Response By
NRBNon Re-Breather (mask used in anesthesia)
NRBNon-Conformance Review Board
NRBNon-Returnable Bottle
NRBNightmare River Band (music group)
NRBNeutral Red Bioassay
NRBNootka Resource Board (Gold River, BC, Canada)
NRBNational Repair Bureau (Sprint application)
NRBNeighbourhood Renewal Board (UK)
NRBNetwork Relationship Banking
NRBNaval Rolled Brass (tubesheet material used in shell-and-tube condensers and heat exchangers)
NRBNonrejoining Break (DNA strand)
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In addition, he described the superior performance of 1K polyurethane coatings for various glass container market segments, including returnable bottles, decorative tableware, perfume bottles, decorative flatglass and non-returnable bottles.
But S&N chiefs said a recent trial using non-returnable bottles had in fact turned out to be more environmentally-friendly.
It will be sold in 120-ounce long-neck non-returnable bottles and on draught.
High Life Light will be "near premium" priced, and will be available in 12-oz non-returnable bottles and 12-oz.
non-returnable bottles at select bars and restaurants around the Pittsburgh area.
And longneck returnable and non-returnable bottles of Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft will feature custom green labels.
According to the brewery, the bock will be available for a limited time - February through April - in non-returnable bottles.
six-packs of "longneck select" non-returnable bottles, as well as six-, 12-and 24-packs of cans.