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N/SNot Specified
N/SNear Side (passenger side of vehicle)
N/SNewtons per Second
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There were no change in hearing status of patients who had good or non-serviceable before SRS.
This may be due to ignorance particularly for those whose supplier is computers for school Kenya since the NGO have a recycling centre and occasionally corrects non-serviceable computers from their customers upon request.
That means that a high-time, multi-run engine can cost far more from an overhauler because of an accumulation of upcharges for non-serviceable parts.
For HNBR timing belts, improved product performance has enabled the belt to become a non-serviceable component.
It looks now as though the government is serious about tackling the problem of non-serviceable debt in the industrial sector.
An additional P600 million will go towards the "repair and restoration of nine non-serviceable units to cater to increase in passenger demand" and the procurement of spare parts.
Instead, the foreman excavated a canal toward an old and non-serviceable silt sump that resulted in the outflow of the silt.
Answering an RTI query by an activist, civil aviation directorate has also said that of the six aircraft existing with UP government, only three can be serviced, remaining are non-serviceable.