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NSSTNew Swedish Solar Telescope
NSSTNAWMP (North American Waterfowl Management Plan) Science Support Team
NSSTNavigation, Seamanship and Shiphandling Trainer
NSSTNon-Smoking Seat (airlines)
NSSTNon-Surgical Skin Tightening (cosmetic procedure)
NSSTNorth Side Swim Team (Des Moines, IA)
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The system will let passengers make, cancel or alter their reservations or specify if they want a window seat, which direction they will face, the distance from the buffet car and if they require a non-smoking seat.
In the next fortnight, we will be opening an extension which will increase the number of non-smoking seats from eight to 56.
The flight attendant claimed that the flight was full and that the man could not be moved, however his family claim that there were 11 empty seats and 17 non-smoking seats assigned to airline employees and relatives travelling free.
The number of non-smoking seats available in restaurants in the area has increased in the last five years from 640 to 810.
People were not able to find non-smoking seats and were choosing to stand in the corridors rather than sit in the smoking carriage.