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The DDPR noted that the allies "look forward to continuing to develop and exchange transparency and confidence-building ideas with the Russian Federation in the NATO-Russia Council, with the goal of developing detailed proposals on and increasing mutual understanding of NATO's and Russia's non-strategic nuclear force postures in Europe." It also indicated that NATO would "consider, in the context of the broader security environment, what [it] would expect to see in the way of reciprocal Russian actions to allow for significant reductions in forward-based non-strategic nuclear weapons assigned to NATO." (42) In other words, any further changes in NATO's nuclear posture were linked to reciprocal changes in Russia's nonstrategic nuclear weapons posture.
Non-strategic Nuclear Forces. In September 1991, President George
When President Bush and President Gorbachev announced their intentions to withdraw and eliminate non-strategic nuclear forces in 1991, they did not include any cooperative monitoring measures in their proposals.