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NTTFNettur Technical Training Foundation
NTTFNon-Tenure Track Faculty (various universities)
NTTFNational Telecommunications Task Force (various schools)
NTTFNetwork Test and Training Facility
NTTFNorges Tannteknikerforbund (Norwegian: Norway Dental Technician Association; Fagernes, Norway)
NTTFNational Right to Read Foundation
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Experienced non-tenure track faculty members may be eligible for longer term appointments under the agreement.
(180.) Jennifer Danley-Scott & Gray Scott, The Other Half: Non-Tenure Track Faculty Thoughts on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, 9 Res.
Recent trends toward hiring more part-time and non-tenure track faculty and filling fewer tenured positions adds to faculty mobility.
Non-tenure track faculty used to be hired by the quarter, meaning their job could be terminated every 11 weeks, Dreiling said.
Examining non-tenure track faculty perceptions of how departmental policies and practices shape their performance and ability to create student learning at four-year institutions.
The finding that contingent faculty were less aware of campus CBL resources than tenured/tenure-track faculty was not surprising given that non-tenure track faculty may be excluded from departmental, college, and institution-wide activities and programs (Waltman, Bergom, Hollenshead, Miller, & August, 2012).
higher education "were employed in contingent positions off the tenure track, either as part-time or adjunct faculty members, full-time non-tenure track faculty members, or graduate student teaching assistants."
Danley-Scott and Scott provide a perspective on assessment from non-tenure track faculty through their analysis of survey comments from these faculty members.
Reeling from state budget cuts, universities have turned increasingly to the cheap teaching labor provided by non-tenure track faculty.
Embracing non-tenure track faculty; changing campuses for the new faculty majority.
By a smaller margin, the same is true for those with non-tenure track faculty positions; however, the majority of people in staff positions hold at most Master's degrees (Table 3).