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NTFPNon-Timber Forest Product
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This involves the granting of public forest lands and their resources through a long-term contract, for the exploitation of timber and/or non-timber forest products (NTFPs) to a private firm, community, individual or non-governmental org anization and subject to compliance with a specified set of management activities and safeguards (Balbinotto et al.
It is used to calculate value of forest products such as: teak wood, Uris wood, jungle wood, and non-timber forest products such as honey, sugar, and ornamental plants.
MUSHROOMS: Mushrooms are another non-timber forest product collected by local people from wild.
What do matrix population models reveal about the sustainability of non-timber forest product harvest?
BC community development consultant Tim Brigham characterizes non-timber forest products as an "emerging industry" that in some ways "has been in existence for a very long time in Canada." For millennia Aboriginal peoples have used such products for food, medicines, materials and technologies, and for cultural and trade purposes.
Senior officials and experts of the Non-Timber Forest Product Bajaur Agency including Sheryar Khan, Hafiz Gul Badshah and Mohibullah told the farmers about the modern techniques of honey bee production.Farmers on the occasion were also told about the health benefits of honey.
Harvesting of non-timber forest products and implication for conservation in two montane forests of East Africa.
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