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The conflict between the accuracy and time of calculation is solved through the non-uniform grid of 8-node hexahedron.
It is usually presented in table form, with uniform or non-uniform grid of input data.
The optic fibers are disposed on the sphere so that the output angles [theta], [phi] form the needed non-uniform grid.
Figure 13 represents the comparison of network alive time for 1000 nodes for both Uniform grid based coordinate routing driven scheme and Non-uniform grid based coordinate routing driven scheme.
The steady flow of power law fluids past an unconfined circular cylinder has been numerically investigated using FVM and QUICK schemes in conjunction with a non-uniform grid.
mn] (provided by the FFT) to the non-uniform grid [T.
Although grid quality may be somewhat reduced, a non-uniform grid distribution may improve calculation efficiency by concentrating grid cells only where they are most needed-generally in regions of sharp gradients - and using a fairly coarse grid in other areas.
The most significant updates have been made to the Plot3D loader to support uniform and non-uniform grids.
An updated Plot3D loader to support uniform and non-uniform grids and the CGNS loader to support multiple file loading, files with rigid body dynamics, and larger file handling.
Topics include Lp estimates for solutions to second order parabolic equations, decomposition of wavelets on non-uniform grids, Newton polyhedra and estimates for differential operators, nodal lines and uniqueness in solutions to linear water wave problems, integral models of algebraic tori and affine toric variables, a geometrical approach to computations of the optimal solution to the rectangle packing problem, a nonstationary Maxwell system with non-homogeneous boundary conditions in domains and conical points, exceptional sets for derivatives of Blaschke products, and asymptotics of solutions and artificial boundary conditions in the transmission problem with a layer-like inhomogeneity.
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