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NAPNetwork Access Protection (Microsoft)
NAPNapa (Amtrak bus station code; Napa, CA)
NAPNational Academy Press
NAPNetwork Access Point
NAPNational Academies Press
NAPNot A Problem
NAPNational Action Plan (various locations)
NAPName, Address, Phone Number
NAPNew Archery Products (various locations)
NAPNap-Of-The-Earth (avionics)
NAPNational Adaptation Plan (UN)
NAPNaval Aviation Pilot (US Navy)
NAPNursing Assistant Program (various locations)
NAPNoninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (USDA)
NAPNikkei Asia Prize (Japan)
NAPNational Aerial Photography
NAPNationale Auto Pas (Dutch)
NAPNursing Assistive Personnel
NAPNational Academies of Practice (Lexington, KY)
NAPNuisance Attribute Projection
NAPNon-Aggression Pact
NAPNetwork Analysis and Planning
NAPNetwork Accessibility Project
NAPNetwork Attached Peripheral
NAPNew Artist Program
NAPNetwork Attachment Points
NAPNetwork Access Protection
NAPNetwork Availability Program
NAPNational Attachment Point
NAPNear As Possible (as in NAP of the Earth flying)
NAPNative Americans in Philanthropy (est. 1990)
NAPNetwork Access Provider
NAPNon-Aggression Principle
NAPNational Agriculture Policy (various locations)
NAPNormal Atmospheric Pressure
NAPNuisance Abatement Program (various locations)
NAPNaval Auxiliary Patrol
NAPNorthern Adelaide Plains (Australia)
NAPNational Allocation Plan (EU emissions trading schemes)
NAPNational Apprenticeship Programme (various locations)
NAPNormaal Amsterdams Peil
NAPNucleosome Assembly Protein
NAPNational Association of Parliamentarians
NAPNational Advantage Program (insurance)
NAPNetwork Access Protocol
NAPNational AIDS Program
NAPNew Alliance Party (Cook Islands)
NAPNatural Areas Program
NAPNew Access Point (US Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care)
NAPNgee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)
NAPNational Action Party (political party in Mexico)
NAPNck-Associated Protein
NAPNew Aspiration Party (Thailand)
NAPNational Accreditation Program (ANSI term)
NAPNeeds Assessment Plan (various organizations)
NAPNative American Practicioner
NAPNational Account Profile
NAPNieuw Amsterdams Peil (Dutch point for altitude measurements)
NAPNeighborhood Action Plan
NAPNational AIDS Prevention
NAPNational Afforestation Programme (India)
NAPNorth American Pairs (bridge game)
NAPNational Processing Inc (stock symbol)
NAPNon-Insured Assistance Program
NAPNeighborhood Arts Program (Chicago, IL)
NAPNerve Action Potential
NAPNeeds Assessment Profile (various organizations)
NAPNatural Area Preserves
NAPNational Anthem Project
NAPNichtangriffspakt (German: Non-Aggression Pact)
NAPNational Aerospace Plane
NAPNon-Arboreal Pollen
NAPNew Americans Program (Queens Borough Public Library, New York City)
NAPNational Airports Policy (Canada)
NAPNew Age Piano (website)
NAPNetwork Architecture Protection
NAPNative Access Program (Lakehead University; Canada)
NAPNaval Air Priorities (US Navy)
NAPNaples, Italy - Capodichino (Airport Code)
NAPNetwork Applications Platform (Unisys)
NAPNorth American Partners (Florida)
NAPNo Additional Printings (book publishing)
NAPNo Apparent Pathology (medical records)
NAPNavigation Analysis Program (US NASA)
NAPNational Awareness Partners
NAPNew Annualized Premium (insurance industry)
NAPNuevo Amanecer Press (information service)
NAPNew Audiences Programme (Arts Council England; UK)
NAPNon-Airborne Personnel
NAPNuclear Auxiliary Power
NAPNeo-Natal Automated Physiotherapy
NAPNative American Pride
NAPNorfolk Assembly Plant
NAPNCEP Advisory Panel
NAPNaval Advisory Panel
NAPNot Authorized POMCUS
NAPNIPS Augmentation Package
NAPNon-Nuclear Armament Plan
NAPNetwork Administration Processor
NAPNaval Aviation/Air Plan
NAPNuclear Aggregate of Polyamines
NAPNon-Compliant Application Proxy
NAPNuclear Aggregates of Polyamines
NAPNo Acronyms Please
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John's Contract and Problems for the Non-Aggression Principle
If Libertarianism has a central axiom, it is that of the Non-Aggression Principle, which holds that, "the use of force is permissible only in response to initiated force [aggression]" (Kinsella, 2001, 15; see also Rothbard, 1982; Rand, 1963, 108; Block, 2008).
119) that murder of an innocent person is not a violation of the non-aggression principle provided that the murderer is properly punished.
On the surface, such a law would seem to reflect the non-aggression principle.
A free society demands adherence to the non-aggression principle.
But even with the government school monopoly in existence today, immunization policy in at least 19 states is compatible with the non-aggression principle.
First, Block uses the thought experiment of the "pure Austrian snow tree" (hereafter PAST), which he borrows from Demsetz (1979), in order to argue that there is no proportionality built into the Non-Aggression Principle (hereafter NAP).
For pacifist libertarians, the answer is no; the non-aggression principle is seen as a specific application of a more general nonviolence principle.
The basis for a finding of criminality in libertarian legal theory is the moral culpability of a person for intentionally breaching the non-aggression principle.
In other words, Christ was in the unique position to know the temple vendors were behaving fraudulently, so Christ's use of violence was righteous and not in violation of the non-aggression principle (which, remember, directly follows from the Golden Rule).
22) As we saw in footnote 7, with the libertarian non-aggression principle interpersonal liberty is, implicitly, the absence of aggression.
The defender of the non-aggression principle needn't ignore blatant acts of aggression simply because no overt physical invasion is made under Reinach's view of causality, such as in the case of entrapment (which shall be discussed at length below).
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